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Event Registration

9/11 Promise Run

Event Options: 9/11 Promise Run

All runners and volunteers must register.

Teams can be no larger than 10 people. All teams must pick a captain who will be the primary registrant. The captain will register him/herself and indicate that they are the captain and the team name. Team members will then sign up under their team name. The registration tab will ask if the team is willing to take on any individuals who wish to run but do not have a team. If this box is checked, an individual runner will be placed with the team and everyone will be notified.

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The Team you're joining requires Official Team Members to raise a minimum of $0 by . If, for example, you fall $10 short of the fundraising minimum, your credit card will automatically be charged the extra $10 on . If your credit card is charged, the entry on your statement will reference Network for Good, our payment processor.

Your payment information is stored securely with Network for Good and you won't be charged a penny as long as you hit your fundraising minimum by the deadline date set by your Team. To continue setting up your fundraising page and join this amazing Team, all you need to do is click the button below so you can enter your credit card information as your way of guaranteeing that you'll hit the $0 fundraising minimum by .

By clicking Agree, I agree to raise $0 by or my credit card will be charged the difference between the amount I raise and the $0 fundraising minimum. I also agree to the CrowdRise Terms.

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