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Rehab Rebuild

Organized by: Fred Loewe

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As a contractor who has had to hire people with only flawless backgrounds for companies that required background checks I found myself turning people down who had records haunting them for ten or more years. Those people made a poor decision at some point and though these companies had their reasons, I had my own objectivity. The people who would call me back after the suspenseful two week wait would drop the anvil as any anvil would. It would be heavy, cold, and almost spiteful toward their existence. In that metal tone "They didn't pass their background check," I would receive the finite message I would have to relay. I heard it well from their side, clear and concise- they were behind computers miles away in the safety of detachment with black and white cut and dry judgements in stone. But I had to hear it from the other side too. I had to see the individual, the person too. I had to look in their eyes- I seen that look when I said they couldn't work and they desperately wanted to and I had to hear their voice, that quaking tremble about their kids and wives and how their lives were now an experiment forever impoverished, on a one way road to failure. They were now reduced to the stereotypical drain on society, they were forever unforgiven. Ambition would die, and the clean ones who were clean for over a decade would be encouraged to dive back into some fix with my heart crushing answer because no matter what they did now, they were tagged and flagged as doing it presently, always and forever. So I broke away. I decided I will not be contracting this way anymore. I will hire people who have shown themselves to be clean, remorseful, eager, and willing. I decided I would like to see the light come back into their eyes, the laughter back into their families. I don't think our judicial system should use words like rehabilitation if it is not willing to breathe a life back. I do not believe we have a right to words like redemption if we do not let them stand again. I think the word restitution alludes us if a debt is never truly paid, because as far as I know with debt, once paid it is finished. With that said that does not mean I mean to hire men and women who are unstable and violent and have a strong propensity to do so. You don't put tools in the wrong hands. If someone is in a program like AA, it is their right to remain anonymous. I will still run a background check. The difference is I will weed through them on a more intrinsic level. When I ran background checks before, my red flag was when they completely lied to me on everything. They were lying to themselves as well. However when somebody told me the truth, and said they had a drug charge eleven years ago when they were eighteen and made some stupid choices and emulated everything a person could in personal growth and remorse and in turn I still had to say "no job," well that was crushing to us both. On a personal level, I voluntarily walked into AA when I was younger and it was the hardest and greatest thing I've ever done. I didn't have any record haunting me and I'm grateful I don't. I am fortunate. I have had many friends who have not walked into AA and they probably should and they probably never will. When I walked in I tagged and flagged myself to all of my friends judgements. I was not an alcoholic until I said I was, interestingly enough they became actually superior by their own delusion for not taking steps to being intrinsically honest with themselves. That is okay, that is a really hard thing to do. The beautiful part about building and contracting is it mirrors some of these necessary steps. Whenever I have trained somebody I told them "building and building well takes two extremely vital things, humility and patience." These two attributes I exercise on and off the job to the best of my ability. I would tell anyone I am where I have gotten in my craft by making a lot of mistakes, that is the humility it requires. The patience is doing the job right step for step, no short cuts, no lying to customers, and above all else no lying to yourself. I contracted for the largest contracting company in the state and was ranked in the top 3 every year by exercising this. So heres the deal, I do not contract with them anymore. This has put me financially back. I cannot afford to build this into what I see it becoming without backing. I don't want money for any reason but to pay it forward. I want to hire people into our work force willing and eager and deserving of work they are denied. It is not good on us morally or financially to deny willing people work. People need the feeling or belief that there is an opportunity for upward mobility. They need more than a drug or a drink to help them forget their isn't. So I'm asking for help to help. Help us help each other. Help me get there and lets show how forgiving, kind, patient, understanding, and accountable to others and ourselves we can be. Our rebellion in this loud, mean world is kindness. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Fred Loewe


Organized by

Fred Loewe

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