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Leroy Lucero's Fundraiser:

Relay for Life UTAS Phoenix "Just for you"

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Leroy Lucero


When I was 3 years old my father was rushed to the ER because he started choking in the middle of the night and could not breathe. He was found to have a tumor in his throat which was cancerous. The doctors performed an emergency tracheotomy and told him he had 24 hours to live because it had spread into all his lymph nodes. He went home that night determined to prove the "dumb" doctors wrong, and he did. He lived almost 4 years on a 24 hour death sentence. I am glad he did, because the only memories I have of my Dad happened in those 4 years. My Dad and I were inseparable during those years; I learned to understand his "sign" language and would interpret for him during his many 'horse trading' deals. I learned a lot in the three years I remember most, things like your word is the most valuable asset you own so don't break it. I learned how to sell, trade and negotiate which are tools that serve me well to this very day. I learned how to be a good father and husband which I have worked hard to be over the last 30 years. In general I learned how to be a better man and if the money I raise helps just one person spend a few more precious moments with someone they love, then it will have been more than worth my time and effort. Please join my team or support us with a donation, Thank you!



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