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Renegade Brown's "Bringing a Good Man Down" (down to size that is)

Renegade Brown's

The Story

EVENT DATE: Dec 16, 2016

Renegade Brown "Naples Hottest Personal Trainer" & Mary Kay of Fun Photography are joining together with Damon Kronk, "Naples Coolest Boat Captain" on a Mission to make the world a better place one pound at a time! We are looking for pledges of "$ amount per pound" of weight loss by Damon. Please email us with your pledge at, or if you want to donate a specific amount, click on one of the charities below: The Shelter for Abused Women & Children, CCCR (Collier Children's Resources), & Naples Adventist Christian School.

Renegade Brown doesn't only have BIG Muscles.. he has a BIG HEART! He offered to help Damon, who desperately needed his services, get him back in shape and guide him to a Healthy Lifestyle, on his own time and expenses.

We're taking this weight loss journey to Naples in hopes that people jump on board, join in the fun, and watch a Great Guy, "Boat Captain Damon Kronk", get back to good health !

A Fantastic Dad, Damon has 5 children and wants to have a long, healthy life with his children, his big belly and terrible diet have been a great health risk and needs to be drastically changed! After Damon's first workout, it was clear that he was determined to lose weight and get in shape!

We thought that we could bring this experience to everyone and share the excitement of helping Damon get back down to size! This is the beginning of 3 Naples Professionals, joining everyone together to have Fun, Market themselves, Make a difference, Make God Proud, and do what's right, one person at a time!