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Renu Foundation

We help people re-enter society so they can be contributing members of their community. Returning Veterans, recently released, disenfranchised, at-risk, drug and alcohol abusers or those recovering and our homeless all need assistance. We use our scientific discoveries to help them learn to build homes out of recycled materials to save our trees, build job qualifications and environmental consciousness. We help give our communities more affordable longer lasting, energy efficient homes. Our 'back to nature-back to work' approach focuses on teaching them good habits, nutrition, cooking and healthier life styles and job and entrepreneurial skills that allow them to be successful. Tax ID 20-5203331


We are a very different kind of charity. Sure we will take donations but our real focus is on building profitable partnerships and relationships with our volunteers, sponsors, affiliates and everyone we meet. We want to start a tidal wave of philanthropic minded businesses and individuals that will have a truly incredible impact on our planet. In the same way we work to build more sustainable communities for our future generations, we also strive to build a perpetual financially sustainable charity that provides economic, social and environmental opportunities and benefits well after we are gone. Yes, we are building our legacy and you can walk along side us to build your own. Its not just good business, its good philanthropy and better living.

So, if you want to help us... be creative. Think out of the BOX. Send us strange and unusual ideas to consider and most of all have FUN. See, we believe that the world is upside down and backwards. Everyone is out there trying to get rich first, enjoy second and help others third. We believe there's a better way.  

Our Renu team believes everyone should have FUN, Help OTHERS and make MONEY in that process.

So, don't let others put you in a box. Use the special talents that GOD gave you to make the world a better place for everyone on the planet and enjoy every day to the fullest.

Go get em tiger (or tigress)!


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