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Exotic Animal Welfare and Education Center



Reptile Rescue Orange County was founded in 2008 by Sam Makki. His passion for and devotion to exotic animals came about at the young age of 6, when he received his first pet turtle, Max.Through the years, experience keeping and rehabilitating these animals led Sam to start the only exotic animal rescue/rehabilitation group in the county. RROC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that hopes to one day operate an exotic animal shelter/rehabilitation center open to the public, with a special emphasis on education. Children would be allowed and encouraged to volunteer in hands-on activities to learn and practice proper husbandry, respect, and responsibility for these incredible animals. Sam Makki believes that funding and contributions to RROC  will help educate the community especially children, about what makes these animals so important. 

    Being a non-profit organization means that without public donations, none of these goals are possible. In order to provide these important services to the community, RROC needs a total of $150,000 over a 3 month period. An initial startup of $75,000 would secure a  facility in either a warehouse or retail building, and would provide proper caging and equipment for the animals, along with insurance and educational plans for children’s programs.
    Any and all contributors would be granted VIP access and recognition at all Reptile Rescue Orange County fundraising events and on all social media sites. Their name(s) and monetary contribution would also be placed on a donor plaque in the facility, as a permanent ‘Thank You’ for making this dream a reality.
    Any funds donated will be saved until the goal of $75,000 is reached, with a small portion being used to care for and house the animals currently awaiting adoption. 
    Once the RROC facility is attained, it will provide a safe, educational environment for any of the over 500,000 school-age children in Orange County to come interact with and learn about exotic reptiles, arachnids, amphibians, and other animals from all over the world. Having a safe and positive atmosphere can have numerous positive results, including providing an alternative to dangerous and illegal activities, through education,  and hopefully sparking the same passion and devotion that people like Sam have for their work.

    While donations and contributions are crucial to the success of such a promising venture, they’re not by any means the only way of helping. Working with such misunderstood animals can make it difficult for any business to thrive, especially a non-profit such as Reptile Rescue Orange County. Publicity is the key to success, so any exposure to interested contributors is greatly appreciated! Donations of other kinds, such as food, cages, gas cards, supplies and vehicles are always welcomed and greatly needed. Any donations made to Reptile Rescue Orange County are tax-deductible. RROC’s main goal is education; not only on how to properly care for the animals, but what positive impacts they can have on an environment, and why they are just as important and deserve as much respect as any other pet.



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