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A family: Mummy Marina and her 2 daughters Julie and Lynn who have been living in Turkey(Antalya) for years now and who fight against the immense suffering of street animals. Our work started at a very small scale and throughout the years we have grown into what we are now, what we do and what we are still to do.

Stray animals that crossed our path got food. The very first animals we helped were 2 two-day-old kittens. a mangy pup and a mother dog with 9 pups. These were kept in very primitive circumstances on a piece of land with some sheds for the dogs. With the first facilities more dogs came. But this piece of land was far away from our home and so many animals were stolen, poisoned and even shot!

After 2 years we decided to move to our present location. A house with 2,000 square metres of land where we built a kennel for maximum 45 dogs. As it became impossible to help more animals we decided to try and give them a better life in United States and Europe. And so we established the foundation SOS street dogs. With no means of existence, knowledge nor experience we muddled through by dogged experience.

Apart from the care for animals in our kennel we also provide feeding-grounds in the streets: animals are fed there, they are taken care of we also indulge in neutralization. The weak and ill animals are taken to the kennel. These are very often dumped pups which cannot survive on their own. We support as much as possible local inhabitants with dogs when they ask for help. As a foundation we can but encourage this. Their animals are taken care of and they get food on regular times.

Emigration of animals is not really the solution for the future. We do this on a small scale. Animals that have gone through a lot of suffering simply deserve a good life, which they can’t find in Turkey itself.

In the long run we will try to make the difference on the spot. Neutralization (sterilization and castration of animals) in collaboration with a qualified vet. On a daily basis we feed and look after animals. In summer many dogs have mange which attacks their bodies and their looks terribly. This can only be cured with good medicine and a lot of care.

I'm asking money today to grow the land to welcome 15 more dogs and feed all the 60 dogs for six months, plus the veterinary care for six months (he comes the whole day once a week).




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