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Conserve Natural Forests' Fundraiser:

Rescue Mother & Baby Asian Elephant

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Thai NGO Conserve Natural Forests needs your help to rescue a mom and baby Asian elephant for our reservation in Pai, Thailand. We are passionate about saving these creatures and everything is in place for the elephants arrival, elephants who have suffered enough at the hands of humans and now have the opportunity to thrive and even reproduce under the gentle care of our mahouts and staff. Saving these particular elephants is time sensitive as we have already put a deposit down of half of the total cost and need to raise the remainder of the funds.


If we do not reach our goal, we will only use the donations received through this campaign to purchase an elephant the next time one becomes available. It is likely this will be soon because many elephant camps have become overpopulated and don't have the space or funds to support more animals. However, we are hoping for this pair because they are very well-tempered and we have the capacity to keep them together. Every dollar counts in saving this mother and baby, please donate today!


Why the Asian Elephant?


The Asian elephants were once the gardeners of Thailand’s lush forests, but now have been listed by the IUCN as an endangered species that faces an extremely high risk of extinction in the very near future. Asian elephants are in danger because of the combined factors of habitat loss, long reproduction periods, and the lack of willingness by the tourism industry to reproduce them in captivity. According to the WWF over 70% of their habitat is being destroyed, so their population has been drastically cut from over 100,000 to only a mere estimated 5,000 in the last century. In addition to habitat loss, the gestation period of an elephant is the longest of any mammal lasting almost 22 months. Currently, there are now more Asian elephants in captivity than there are left in the wild, this is causing a higher death rate than birth rate to occur. Conservation, reproduction, and reintroduction into wild habitats are the only ways to keep the largest land mammal in the world alive.


Why us?


Conserve Natural Forests (CNF) is a non-profit organization operating out of Pai, Thailand that is dedicated to wildlife conservation, particularly for the Asian elephant, combating deforestation, and providing community education in the region. CNF envisions a planet where education can generate awareness and passion for engaging in environmental conservation, so that biodiversity can be preserved and endangered species may roam the forests freely.


CNF has recently acquired a 49,000 square meter reservation that will be used to house an Endangered Species Reproduction Center, which will assist in wildlife conservation efforts by helping to repopulate the forests, monitor keystone species like the Asian elephant, and produce babies free from abuse. The organization’s reservation is already home to a variety of lizards, birds, and tortoises that are cared for by mahouts, staff, volunteers, and is prepared to house the first rescued elephant. Being on the reservation she will be able to begin a new generation of elephants that do not have to experience suffering. In partnership with Queen Sirikit’s Reintroduction Project, CNF will later release mom and baby into reforested and protected areas. The presence of these elephants will provide the opportunity to educate tourists and community members alike.


By helping endangered species like the Asian elephant to reproduce, CNF is increasing the chances of species’ survival. These animals will also have the opportunity to live on a reservation while being cared for by compassionate staff that will be preparing them for their eventual reintroduction into protected forests.


Please donate today and don't worry if you can't, we are always looking for people to help spread the word - so please take the time to share with your friends!



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