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Resisting Injustice for Positive Change

Organized by: Shawn Cassista

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I stood up for my liberties and became victim to injustices.

Each and every individual who puts in a day of hard work – adding value to society – deserves a paycheque. Determining the importance of that value is simply another thing.

Do we want a justice system that is fair and that recognizes that our liberties are first and foremost over every other thing? A justice system that holds those within it accountable because we entrust them with the duty to ensure those elements stay intact?

If we don’t have that and the mainstream media is not doing enough to show people just how flawed the system is, then, is there value being added when an individual makes the grand effort to expose the flaws and works hard to have something positive come of it?

Despite popular belief, the right to use the road is a very basic natural right that (by definition) “cannot be sold or transferred without one’s consent”. With arguments backed by case law and that are heavily sound in principles of law, I had entered into the courtrooms of Ontario for a number of trials to make that case. What transpired was shameful and a real travesty to say the least.

I have the right to a trial and to make defense of the alleged charges against me. In doing so, I was constantly labelled as an individual who is part of a political movement – someone with a political agenda. I was discriminated against! But that is just the beginning of what I will be revealing.

And to be very clear here, I reiterate that every individual is entitled to defend themselves in a court of law and that is all I was trying to do with the aforementioned case law and long established principles of our Common Law heritage. I wanted to hear a valid argument that opposed mine – and I never got one.

In the middle of all of this, I was assaulted by local police and then I was charged with Assault with Intent to Resist Arrest. I was found not guilty (the judge did not believe the police officer’s testimony) and I have now filed a law suit against the police officer and the local police force.

Within my website, I will be providing all the documentation that shows everyone just how flawed (and in my opinion, beyond flawed) our justice system is and the overt corruption that is going on within the police force. I will have scanned copies of transcripts, court documents and a lot more to back up everything I am saying so that you can see firsthand just how bad things really are.

Can you see the value inherent in what I am doing? Will a better community and legal system emerge from all of this?

I have put forth countless hours of time and energy in everything I have done to this point. All this has literally cost me tens of thousands of dollars of my own money and financial burden. At this point, I also have to say that I chose this course of action and I am fully committed to it because I could not help but see that we (as a race) are heading down a very dangerous path. I believe the only thing that can protect us before matters get irreversibly out of hand is our justice system and overseeing that, an accountability system put in place for those who step out of line with regards to performing their duties.

For the Assault charge, I am suing, and I expect a fair judge to make the right decision and award me with the amount that I am seeking for remedy, which is approximately $100,000 plus expenses. The chances of getting that amount are fairly slim. I will more than likely only get about half of that amount if I even get a fair and unbiased judge overseeing the suit.

This leaves me with a tough decision to make as I will more than likely be better off settling before the trial. With a settlement, you can pretty well bet that a condition will be attached to it: I won’t be able to talk about this case publicly in any way, shape or form. This means that it gets swept under the carpet and no accountability will ever take place and what good will that do for the community and what does it entrench even more deeply in an already corrupt system?

I want to do the right thing and see this through to the end, but I’m not going to punish myself anymore with financial and mental stress. I’ve suffered quite a few losses and still have a lot of debt and fines to pay off as a result of all this. I’m doing my best to add value to society and because of these ongoing sacrifices I’m currently living below the poverty line. This has to change and the only way I can see it changing is either with a settlement or some other form of financial support.

Furthermore, if you cannot see the value I’m adding by testing the current system and you don’t want to support me, then what’s the point of my doing any of this anyway? If you, The People, don’t care about some fairly serious issues that are happening in society and/or don’t care to see things change for the better, then why should I even bother wasting my time?

I deserve to get a decent paycheque for the value that I have added to our collective community by doing all this work and bearing all the added stress and financial burdens that came along with it. And I really would like to see some accountability come from all this effort – ultimately for a positive change within the system. I hope you feel the same way.

My fundraising target is $150,000 and if it surpasses that amount I will continue to do more work along these lines as well as try and help others who stand on guard for their basic liberties. It would be ideal to have a fund that could help David in his battle against Goliath, wouldn’t it?

To help create positive change and help me build on this project please consider a donation. As well, you can visit my website at the link shown below to learn more about the great injustices that have taken place both inside and out of the courtroom when I made the decision to stand up for a "natural right" that is supposed to be protected and preserved by the justice system.

The Common Law applies in all Common Law countries, meaning the information I have used to defend my liberties can be used in all Common Law countries. Watch my 2 videos to understand what I went through and learn more.


For truth, freedom and justice,

Shawn Cassista

Advocate for Truth, Freedom and Justice


Organized by

Shawn Cassista

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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