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restoration of the cave complex behalf of the Geographical Society

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February 12, 2012

Ancient history in your hands. Thank you for your care about!  See more
Gregory Kostelev


Fundraising for Recover unique cave complex. Of great interest to study the fauna of the ancient times the territory of Primorsky Krai.
In the first found the cave was named the Geographical Society. It is located on the Gold Mountain.

In the western wall of the chamber are two openings leading into the rock. The first is oriented from east to west, the second - from the north-east to south-west. It is in this branch and have found fossil bones. They were in the thick of reddish clay, or in the case of the kind of stalactite cover, so it is very well preserved. Many of them are due to the presence of strongly mineralized salt, and then they struggled to distinguish from the stalactite sag.

September 21, 1963 in the Suchan Valley arrived archaeological expedition under the leadership of APOkladnikova and the next day, September 22, began excavations.
Almost all the bones were split by strong sharp blows, they deleted the upper ends and a ground.
In the cave of the Geographical Society had found the remains of the following animals:

woolly rhinoceros
Baikalian yak
cave hyena
red deer
musk deer
sika deer
red and gray wolves
number of voles
tiger and cave lion
an otter

Were recovered more than 50 000 bones of various animals, weighing about two tons. And the most significant discovery turned out to be stone and bone tools found in the lower layers of the cave. Using the radiocarbon method were able to establish - a man invaded the Golden Valley 32,570 years ago.

In 1973 at the request of Primorye branch of the Geographical Society of the USSR, it was decided to establish the museum. The efforts of enthusiasts opened a museum complex, located on 2.5 thousand hectares of land, including two electrified caves and exhibition hall in one of the nearby buildings.

Artist SN Gorpenko produced a series of sculptures for the museum complex. For example, in a cave to them.Geographical Society in the glow of the fire tended to two figures - a man and a woman in robes made of animal skins. The family was seated in the place where, under a layer of soil was found burnt ashes and coals of the hearth of the Stone Age.

During the existence of a unique museum was visited by about 140,000 people from around the Rosiii, including foreign tourists.
The first blow dealt to the caves Typhoon "Judy" in 1989, after which the museum was closed for reconstruction.Because of poverty, which had been created in the country, hosted by liberals Museum. Arseniev, refused to finance the cave complex.

Sure, there are projects aimed at restoring the cave complex, to create a house-museum in the Przewalski's rock.However, to implement all these ideas and projects for reconstruction, development and maintenance of complexEkaterinovskogo as an object of the tourist business, you need to hold a huge amount of work. And it requires a lot of money. Willing to bear these costs are currently no ...

Everyone who takes part on how to reset the museum, we invite you to visit. And their names will be included in a special book of history.



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