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Returning the Love to Dr Gelburd

Organized by: Friends of Dr. Gelburd

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Friends of Dr. Gelburd via Crowdrise
August 23, 2015

THANK YOU ALL for getting Wendy treatment and for your outpouring of love-it's working! We need more meds PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Love Greg See More


Dear to me and many of you is Dr. Greg Gelburd. Greg needs our help. His Honduran daughter, Wendy, desperately needs treatment for Leukemia.

    Greg met Wendy when she was 13, and she and her sister became family to him. That she's "adopted" means nothing, as Greg has treated her as his daughter. He tried desperately to get Wendy and her sister Sarah into the states, but couldn’t. He sponsored them long distance through middle school and high school- and for Wendy, law school. She went on to work for the orphanages of Honduras, and she's been doing that tirelessly for the last seven years. I just heard her on the phone a few short months ago as she railed against the changes caused by the government's abandonment of the orphanages. She complained about the state of affairs without a word of complaint about her own declining health.

   Three months ago Wendy was bleeding out everywhere and was diagnosed with Leukemia. Honduran hospitals can only afford to treat patients who pay "cash" in advance. Her amazing partner Luis had maxed his credit and is doing all he can to care for her sweet 8-year-old son, Jorlito. Greg had sent enough money for the expensive diagnostics and initial admission into the hospital and to get the long awaited pain medicine started. The pressure of the cancer in her bones causes a great deal of pain. We put out a plea through Crowed Rise for Greg and he raised enough money through friends to begin the treatment for the Leukemia itself on within days. It was  merely the beginning. Wendy needed more tests that would narrow down the most efficient treatment as well as thousands of dollars in chemo. For the immediate costs this month.

The incredible response has saved Wendy's life.  Her gratitude for this incomprehendable. Her son and the Oprhans who so desperately rely on her activism and love are feeling more than blessed today. What an amazing opportunity our community has had to come to Greg's aid, as you can see from the donations and notes bellow. 

We are now in the home stretch. The cancer is loosing. In order to complete her treatment we are called to raise another $20,000 in order for her to come to a full recovery.  The process has been long and hard  there have been many rushed emergency room visits when she and her son have waited days to be seen while she bled out, times she was in a great del of pain while waiting for the next round of treatment.  Her bravery and grace has brought her to this hopeful place.  

Greg has given much of his time and income without hesitation to those who need it most, helping countless people in Honduras, Haiti, and New Orleans. He’s changed our community through his medical practice for the past 15 years by offering free health care for those with low incomes. He's paid higher rents in order to locate his offices within walking distance of subsidized housing so that people could have access to doctors. He takes time for kids at risk and time for helping reform prisoners in jail. I use the word "time" literally: he actually changes kids' bike tires himself. He fits in visits to people who can't leave their homes and is the first to answer any friend's request for help. This is only a fraction of what Greg gives- and he gives all of this while caring for all of us with his doctoring, his love, and his prayer. His wife and daughters have equalled his grace in giving, taking Sarah and Wendy in,and always pulling their own weight in order to allow for this kind of charity.

    Greg has touched so many lives that I have never worried about his future. I always believed we would all step up to the plate when it was our turn to help. And now is that time. Please- I’m asking for help for Greg's daughter. I'm also asking on behalf of all orphans in Honduras. They need Wendy, their protector, to come back to fight for them. Wendy needs funds for her treatment. Anything and everything will help.

With Gratitude,

Greg's Friends


  • Keith Sherman


  • Mendy St.Ours


  • Alana Woerpel


  • Lisa Murphy


  • Luciana Busso, Argentina


  • Betsy and Will Peyton


  • Post/Bernard family


  • Polson family


  • Walsh Family


  • The Luck Family


  • Martyn Kyle


  • Matt Joslyn


  • Kim Beard


  • Susan and Jay Perry


  • Shouldering the load


  • Susanna Nicholson & John Moore


  • Nicole Thisdell


  • The Visokay family


  • Bill and Jody Laurita-Spanglet


  • Paradox Pastry


  • Cindy Bowen & Noah Berardi


  • Sealed With A Kiss


  • Emma, Cory, Adeline & Ellis


  • John Wilkerson


  • Jane Myers.


  • Daniel Hyer.


  • Sarah Handley.


  • Jean Alden.


  • Tarn Singh.


  • Lalah Simcoe.


  • Brendan Richardson.


  • Betty Jo Taylor.


  • Wendy Philleo & Tim House.


  • James Witkower.


  • Cathie Thomas.


  • Teresa & Wolfgang Hermann


  • Wellbeloved-Stones


  • J T Janaki Lessard


  • Wittner/pepper family


  • Jana & Eric Goetz


  • Jeanine Bordeau


  • Casey Williams


  • Cousin Frank H


  • Lee/Park family


  • Anonymous


  • Katherine Kane


  • A friend


  • Nikki Edgecomb


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Kristina, John and Gavin


  • The Oppenheimers


  • Nancy Geedey and Family


  • Nancy Trivette


  • Anonymous


  • Anna, Quinn and Ari Steen


  • The Simons


  • Bodo's Bagels


  • Kara Mathews


  • David and Patti Clevenson


  • Montague Family


  • Anonymous


  • Melissa Simmons & Aja Linton


  • Howard Goodman


  • Bordogna Family


  • Jen


  • The Ogden-Amt family


  • Chris and Steve Howell


  • Rose Trapnell


  • Lorraine Finelli


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Mendy St. Ours


  • Larry Goldstein


  • Jeni Crockett-Holme


  • Marianne Kubik


  • Billy Hunt


  • Amy Webb


  • Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner


  • Adam Soroka and Amy Mikeska


  • Dylan Kavanagh


  • Anonymous


  • Gina and Tim Kelley


  • Staff @ Joyful Start


  • Norman Dill


Organized by

Friends of Dr. Gelburd

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Donor Comments

Norman Dill

Norman Dill

Greg donated his time and saved the life of a visiting Tibetan teacher a few years ago. The monk is eternally grateful, and recently visited Greg again for follow-up 3 years ago

Staff @ Joyful Start

Staff @ Joyful Start

So many moms & babies are bless ed by Dr G's love filled heart..... We so wish the best for his daughter. 3 years ago

Gina and Tim Kelley

Gina and Tim Kelley

3 years ago



Contributing to Staff Medical Fund (WENDY ZAPATA) 3 years ago

Dylan Kavanagh

Dylan Kavanagh

3 years ago

Adam Soroka and Amy Mikeska

Adam Soroka and Amy Mikeska

3 years ago

Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner

Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner

3 years ago

Amy Webb

Amy Webb

to Life! 3 years ago

Billy Hunt

Billy Hunt

3 years ago

Marianne Kubik

Marianne Kubik

3 years ago

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