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For the past several months, several of my friends - who are ROTC cadets at the University of Delaware - and I have been searching for a way in which we can help bridge the widening gap between civilian and military relations. Over the past several decades, as the percentage of the population who serve in the Armed Forces has diminished, the bond of understanding between civilian and military personnel has widened. While there are numerous organizations that assist soldiers in reintegrating back into society, we believe that there is a large need to educate the civilian side on their role in lessening this divide. The majority of Americans love to support our troops anyway they can, however, exactly HOW they can do so is an issue that needs to be addressed, and that is why we founded Reviresco.

As future Army officers ourselves, our vision is to raise money and awareness in order to bridge the gap between civilian and military relations by educating and empowering society to understand their role in helping provide financial, spiritual and moral support for all veterans. We chose the name Reviresco, a Hebrew word, because it means to become renewed, and that is exactly what we want to do with the civilian role in civilian-military relations.

When we were searching for a way in which we could help bridge this gap, we came across a Forbes article talking about how Houston, Texas is the number one place for veterans to retire. With my friends attending the University of Delaware, and Delaware being the “first “official state, we saw an instant connection. Delaware represents the first official entity our military protected and Houston represents where we stand now. With that in mind, our plan seemed obvious: run from Delaware to Houston in order to raise money to help further our vision.

And this summer, that is exactly what we are doing. Starting on July 26th, we will begin our run from Newark, Delaware to Houston, Texas with the goal of raising $50,000. We began our search for two organizations that shared our vision in order to donate the funds we raise to them, and we narrowed it down to Got Your 6 and Team Red, White and Blue because of both organizations’ specific focus on creating conversation about the military-civilian divide. Both these groups are focused on educating society on how they can fulfill their role in bridging the civilian-military gap and we want nothing more than to help them achieve that goal.

We believe that as young college students, and eventual Army officers, we can be the voice that engages the “Millennial” generation, but we need your support to do so effectively. That being said, I hope that you will assist us in reaching our goal of $50,000 and by getting the word out about what we are doing.

Consider this your first opportunity to help brigde the gap between soldiers and those they protect.



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