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reward based crowdfunding platform for asia and russia

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March 31, 2014

We are building the crowdfunding website worldwide for everyone who like to get a project supported by backers, come back.  See more

BENEFITING: Asian Counseling and Referral Service

EVENT DATE: Apr 30, 2014

gerry drobits


Karonda is a unique creative, social, art and environmental crowdfunding platform for Asia and Eastern countries is a distinctive reward based crowdfunding platform working for creative, business and social categories,we have 24 categories:

charity, art and social project owners we need your help,

Arts, Design, Community, Education, Environment, Fashion, Film&Video, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Social, Tech, Theater, others

unique Karonda features like:


location - highlighting geographical reach

social media: your social friends projects for friends

social community on website, content sharing

project timing: soon finished, special projects, staff pics

video code sharing to social media

mobile app, search features will be the biggest crowdfunding platform in Europe,Russia and Emerging Markets and a major contributor to the market in China and India. We are targeting to have at least

100 000 users online each month and at least 600 projects a year in different regions and countries.

Currently we are developing the platform and features. Monitor changes in the competitor landscape ensuring that new competitors that could emerge into the market will not take away business. We monitor market and market competitors,laws and regulation, since reward based has no regulation we are confident to enter into a huge market of creative people and small companies.Karonda is a unique platform with many features and is programmed where a dynamic IP address will identify the location and country, many other languages,SEO and with an off/online funding model we will scale our business model to sign up 100 000 users each months with 600 projects a year, in addition we have our own strong crowdfunding social media exchange platform and social media video exchange code.

We are a team of 10 people in London, Moscow and Sri Lanka developing a software where social media crowdfunding will be very strong, we want to work with a worldwide video codesharing to facebook, IP geoprahical addressing and friend for friends projects around the world website to help each other to grow also 2 tier projects not only highly profitable ones.


Crowdfunding can be defined as a collective effort of many individuals who network and pool their resources to support efforts initiated by other people,companies or organizations. This is usually done via or with the help of the Internet. Individual projects and businesses are financed with small contributions from a large number of individuals, allowing innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners to utilise their social networks to raise capital.

Under one Brand called we will be the biggest Crowdfunding platform with 5 different products an services in Europe,Russia,UK, US and Emerging Markets and as well as a major contributor to the online Crowdfunding market in Asia. With Crowdfunding you can easily raise money for all different kinds of projects,social,business or creative ideas,small companies and even for consumer financed products. We are targeting to have at least 100 000 users online each month worldwide and at least 600 projects and small companies a year in different regions and countries. Our high scalable,technical feature oriented platform can bring investors and business and project owners together. We will have 5 platforms acting in different countries and world regions. Crowdfunding is also alternative finance vehicle in the technological,startup and creative industry in the US.We are an upcoming UK and Russian registered and founded crowdfunding platform worldwide we go east from the UK (main Russia,UK, Europe, Asia). The ubiquity of social media is providing a new bottom-up opportunity – crowdfunding or with microfinancing capital for the entrepreneur, small businesses and creative or social projects.

Crowdfunding platforms helps with finding small and business investors online, gives advise in campaign management, supports marketing of your products,ideas or service to your online target group and facilitates the funds as well as supports your roadmap in your personal crowdfunding marketing initiative thus it is a pre and post marketing facilitator. In times of fierce cost competition crowdfunding supports product decisions in their product design helps to market it, finds investors, streamlines and improves the product design issues and supports low cost production of it. Funding is the lifeblood of all start-ups, small businesses and creative industry target groups.

Crowdfunding helps in early, pre-seed stages that are usually fully financed by the entrepreneurs themselves, their families and their friends, crowdfunding can provide risk-diversification to start-up and micro-entrepreneurs in highly innovative services and products, with a specific local appeal or generic consumer markets. We will have worldwide as well as russian speaking crowdfunding market activities.

2. Target group:

Our main target groups are social, technical,creative and business oriented groups of people. We bundle our customers with our own bidders (investors as target groups) project We aim to serve the creative,technical, business and social entrepreneurs and project creators and we help project supporters like large non profit organisations or social communities to support well structured project. Philanthropic organisation search donations or crowdfunding platforms for social help initiatives. We have a closed business cycles because investors and entrepreneur and project maker meet on our crowdfunding platform to create a marketing or social product or service.

3. Sales channels:

The main sales channels are our own crowdfunding platform, social media advertisment, event management done by our project event managers going to events to getting people to know our platform, promotional activities with creative groups of peoples (like startup fairs, designer fairs, technical fairs, film fairs, events, social organisation ) partner programs with major big online players like google, yandex, vkontakte, twitter, business communities, online news and newspapers, high traffic internet platforms, word of mouth management helping to promote our services to the right audience and people.

Search technologies will help us. we proactively make web marketing and web promotions with special marketing ads and banners as well as newsletters and emails. Todays online consumers and decision makers can support a project or business only by a click on our platform, but first they have to know us and our services by finding us.

4. customer relations

As a online platform we treat and manage our customer relations carefully. Our customer base is key to the success of our company. Regular enhancements, statistical surveys improvements, customer promotion programs, target group search activities will improve our customer base. Our target groups find us on the specific online partner website. More often we monitor customer activities on our platform to find what can be done better. Our customer relations will be controlled and surveyed by our customer relation online team. Crowdfunding education and advisory services will enhance our customer relations. Online chat, communication services helping our customers will be key in our services.

Components of success when interacting with online customers, based on the existing online business models:
- service support line: answering all online questions 24/7 help line
- support funding service and enhancement of campaign management

- promotion: first low price campaign for our new customers
- advisory and educational service
- proactive advertisment with all types of project supporters (organisations, communities, business communities, social and creative communities)






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