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Hi my name is Caleb Rhoades my cousin Rex Wheeler has served our country with the USMC. He served two tours to Afghanistan to which leads to his story. His mother wrote me this over a facebook message talking about how we could somehow help his situation.

~~My son, Rex Wheeler,  joined the United states marine Corps in the beginning of 2009. He signed a 4 year active contract and during his four years of service he went to Afghanistan twice. His first tour in Afghanistan, I received a phone call informing me that my son and his crew ran over an IED bomb with their vehicle. Rex was tossed out of vehicle and into the air. In order to prevent serious injuries,  he stuck his right hand down to break his fall. However this ended up shattering every bone in his wrist/hand. Rex was transported to a hospital in Germany where he coped and recovered from the explosion.  He was then sent back to camp Pendleton in California where he was reassured to have corrective surgery for his hand and wrist. But was unable to follow through with the procedure for various reasons.  After a couple months, Rex became an active marine and started training again despite that he didn't have surgery.  7 short months later, Rex returned to Afghanistan for a 9 month tour. After his second tour, Rex only had about 6 months left of his contract to which he finished and served his country proudly.  Rex ended up as a Corporal and had earned numerous awards including the purple heart.  After leaving the marines, Rex and his family traveled to his home town in Indiana in hopes to find a stable job in order to support his family.  Eventually, Rex landed a job in factory and proceeded to earn money for himself and his family.  But after months droned on, the pain in his hand grew to be unbearable. Rex visited a doctor and was put on light duty for work.  But his job doesn't provide light duty and put him on medical disability leave but are failing to pay him the correct amount that they said they would.  Right now, Rex doesn't have the money to pay for numerous things like rent, electric, cable or his car payments. Recently, Rex and his family were evicted out of their house as well as one of their car repo-ed. Rex, his wife, and four kids are now living in my house and I'm doing the best I can to help my son. Him and his family need desperate help. Any little bit will help. Thank you so much.

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