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EVENT DATE: Sep 25, 2013

Sally Taylor


Ric O'Barry wrote -

The Oscar-winning documentary The Cove raised a ton of awareness about Ric O’Barry’s work to end the slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. But Ric and the Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Project work on many other campaigns all around the world, with the goal of putting a permanent end to dolphin abuse and exploitation in all it’s forms. Ric needs your help in raising funds to continue this important work.

Each year, Ric maintains a team of Cove Monitors stationed in Taiji throughout the dolphin hunting season, which extends from September through March each year. These courageous volunteers document the slaughters, letting the dolphin killers and the Japanese government know that the world is watching. Your funds will help support this team. 

Dolphin Project also focuses on dolphin captivity. As The Cove and the 2013 documentary Blackfish have shown, captivity is cruel and inhumane for dolphins and whales. These beings are just too smart, too emotional and too connected to their families to justify being kidnapped from the ocean and made to learn tricks for human entertainment in small tanks. 

Fortunately, Ric has achieved huge wins for dolphins over the years. This year alone, he participated in the rehabilitation and release of three dolphins who were captured from the ocean and spent years in a small indoor tank in Korea. Ric helped to ensure that these dolphins were returned to their rightful home, and all three have been reunited with their families. 

Also this year, Earth Island’s Dolphin Project was involved in enacting a nationwide ban on dolphin and whale captivity in India, which will protect many hundreds, if not thousands, of dolphins from being exploited in captivity facilities. 

As Ric says, every time there is a dolphin in trouble somewhere in the world, he is the one people call. You can help make sure that he is always able to answer. 

Please donate what you can and share this with your friends and family. Follow to see how Ric is working every day to keep dolphins safe, wild and free!  

Check us out on Facebook and @Dolphin_Project



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The Team: $21,993 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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