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I would like to explain the purpose of our project.  The Ride of the Brotherhood, Inc., founded in 2013, is a 100% non-profit organization.  Through fundraising efforts, Ride of the Brotherhood supports veterans and children in need.  Ride of the Brotherhood was recognized and accepted into record, without debate, of the 113th Congress of the United States on September 10, 2013.


No One Left Behind is a belief of every Veteran,

No One Rides Alone is the mission of Ride of the Brotherhood

As an organization we are committed to helping those who served their country in times of need and our children who are our future.  We have three missions:

To assist Veterans and children in need.  Work with non-profit organizations with the same objectives.

Foundation “No One Rides Alone”   establishing Camp NORA a temporary residence for homeless veterans.  They will receive medical and psychological attention, given the opportunity to return home or assisted with employment and a place to live. The projected site of Camp NORA is a closed 75 acre youth camp. It will be the first of its kind where Veterans will help Veterans on a 27/7 format. This will be the blue print for a nationwide program.


In addition to ongoing fundraisers, we intend to conduct a major project at least every other year to promote awareness and support our missions.

Each mission will be supported by sponsors, donations, fundraisers and organizing unique quests.

RIDE of the BROTHERHOOD, Inc. presents “THE RETURN” as our first unique quest.  The Return is the welcome home celebration for the Vietnam Veteran who served their country in a time of need.

This event will spotlight our Vietnam Veterans by giving them the Hero’s Welcome and Thank You they never received.

The Return will reach out to all Veterans, Veteran Organizations and military supporters all over the world for their participation in the event.

“The Return” begins with 10 Vietnam Veterans motorcycling from Louisiana to Los Angeles.
A large service trailer, wrapped with sponsors’ logos, will travel with the 10 riders.
Through GPS satellite communication trackers, the ride will be available to all Veterans and supporters who want to join in and ride along. 
At Los Angeles, the 10 Vietnam Veterans will board a plane for Vietnam.
Upon arrival in Vietnam, they return to motorcycles to take a preplanned tour of key locations and the areas of combat of the 10 Veterans. 
They will arrive on China Beach on March 8th to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the landing of the first U.S. combat troops in Vietnam which was March 8, 1965.
On their return to Los Angeles, they will ride to Washington, D.C. to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Again, through GPS satellite communication trackers, Veterans and supporters are invited to join in and ride along as a salute to all veterans. .
The Goal is for 100,000 riders participating in the ride to New Orleans.
This caravan of riders will arrive in Slidell on March 26th for a day of rest then re-group the enter New Orleans on March 28, 2015 for the “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Celebration”.


The “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Celebration” will be a large scale celebration and take place in The Mercedes Benz Superdome, New Orleans, La.

The program will start with a ceremony recognizing the 10 riders followed by important guest speakers and celebrities.
The celebration will consist of recognized musical entertainment on one major stage.
Vietnam Veterans will be admitted free.
The floor of the Superdome will be limited to the Vietnam Veterans and a guest.
There will be a designated VIP area for sponsors and distinguished guests.
Tickets will be available for purchase to the public for normal seating area in the Superdome.
There will be a “Thank You” offered during the ceremony that will recognize all the Veterans who served the United States.