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Linh's Ride to Make a Difference

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I received an e-mail from Linh, one of my awesome cousins who resides in Vancouver, B.C., about a bike tour/fundraiser she was going to do in Vietnam next month. It is a kill two birds with one stone endeavor - to tour the Mekong Delta by bike from Saigon to Ca Mau (250 km, approximately 155 mi), and to raise money for an orphanage in Vietnam. I'd love nothing more than to join her, but since I can't, I want to help her fundraise and spread the word. If this touches your heart, please support Linh and help the cause by donating money to the orphaned children of Ca Mau, Vietnam.


If you haven’t already heard, Linh (by herself) wants to tour the Mekong Delta by bike and visit her dad’s side of the family while in Vietnam. But, time is limited so the two events will be combined.

Everyone who knows about Linh’s plans has been expressing concerns and/or laughter in some cases... you know who you are! :) No one believes Linh can complete 250 km in 3 days under 35ºC heat with humidity around 80%. Tung, Linh’s brother-in-law, suggested turning this bike tour into a fundraiser to give Linh the motivation to keep her butt on the saddle for the duration of trip! Monique, Linh’s colleague was the first to say, “do it and I’ll support you.” The momentum picked up speed with Linh’s family throwing their support behind her while Ian, Linh's husband, became the title sponsor – poor guy is basically paying for the bike tour!

Help keep Linh’s butt on the saddle by pledging your support too. No part of your donation will go to the cost of the bike tour or buying Linh drinks. All monies collected will be donated to an orphanage in Ca Mau.

Why: Linh wants to make a difference and you can help.
When: July 5 – 7, 2012
Where: Trip will start in Saigon, Linh’s mom’s birthplace, and end in Ca Mau, Linh’s dad’s birthplace. Linh will ride 250 km between the two cities.

How you can make a difference for an orphanage in Vietnam?

Send cash or cheque* donations to:
Monique Nguyen & Shereen Hoang
200 – 896 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2P6

* Please make cheques payable to Linh Huynh-Quinn; Monique and Shereen (Linh’s colleagues) will be treasurers who will manage donations received.



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Julie is working on selecting a charity so you can support Linh's Ride to Make a Difference.