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Ride to Walk, Inc.

Ride to Walk's mission is to enhance the lives of children and young adults with neurological disabilities by providing innovative therapeutic horseback riding activities that are recreational in nature and adapted to the individuals's needs and abilities. Tax ID 68-0058893


Ride To Walk is a unique horseback riding therapy program that was founded by Dr. Kristine Corn over three decades ago.  We are a year-round therapeutic riding program that provides a coordinated blend of physical and emotional therapy for children and young adults with neurological disabilities.  Each therapy session is designed by the therapist to address the individual needs of each rider.  Our method of treatment is based on therapeutic intervention.  The goal of our program ranges greatly from person to person, but at the core, we strive to achieve an increase in balance and control, improved language & socialization skills, and enhanced sef-esteem, all while providing beneficial exercise and enjoyment.  

For over 32 years, we have provided licensed therapists with special training.  We have over 80 community volunteers, a 22 acre facility with a fishing pond, and most importantly, physical therapy for children and individuals with disabilities.  Ride To Walk brings together dedicated volunteers, riding instructors, therapist, and parents in an atmosphere desgned to enhance physical coordination and instill self-confidence in the rider.