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Clement “Righteous” Boamah and the Konadu Basic School

Tanobaose, Ghana has seen an influx of people moving into the area. They come to work in the community so that they may support their families. Their children usually do not go to school. Clement “Righteous” Boamah watched this happen, and he had a dream to build a free school that serves children left out of the existing Ghana educational system. And he strived to make that dream come true. Perhaps that is how he earned his nickname, Righteous.

Righteous began his school with just two kids. Now he has over 50. Righteous and the children make the best with what they have. He offers the students rides to the school at six in the morning. Class starts at seven with breakfast and a morning prayer. Righteous and his staff teach the students to read and write English, learn basic math and geography, and provide a safe space for the children to play while their parents work. And all of this at no cost for the parents and students of the school.

The school is currently supported by small, sustainable agricultural projects but this is not helping Clement to keep up with the growth of the school. At Thaakat, we want to help them provide for a safe learning environment, we want more classrooms and we want to provide an education for these children beyond primary school.

We have made a promise to Clement, that we have adopted this small community of Tanoboase for life. The phases of fundraising for 2013 are outlined below. We need your help.

Phase l: $3000, Labor/Structure


Phase one will go towards the overhead costs for the construction of three new classrooms. The students of the Basic School are currently housed in an incomplete, inadequate and temporary structure. Completion of these classrooms, comprising pre-school, kindergarten, and Form 1 classrooms, will give Konadu Basic School's students a safe and permanent place to learn. In May of 2013, Clement received a grant which provided the materials necessary to build these classrooms. What Clement faces now is the cost of labor from local masons and carpenters, travel/transportation of materials, and the land. Although Clement has received a lot of volunteer labor and support from the community, it is Clement alone that carries the financial burden of the project. This phase relieves that burden, and will insure an efficient construction period.

Phase ll: $7000 , Facilities: latrine, water connection, sanitary restroom, desks, furniture


Phase two should cover the cost of facilities for the school. This would include water tanks, desks, chairs, playground equipment, dry-erase boards, pens, books etc. The school currently has no water connection or outhouse.

Phase lll: $6000, Salary for teaching staff


Phase Three would be the annual sustainable funding that the school receives to pay staff and for maintenance. Currently, three teachers and Clement would account for the staff. As the school expands, this amount may increase year over year.

TOTAL REQUIRED 2013: $16,000

Background on Ghana’s Educational Development: Despite Ghana’s educational achievements, illiteracy remains pervasive in the country particularly among women, the poor and in underdeveloped regions. Estimates suggest that about 42% of the adult population is illiterate and about 50% of Ghanaian women are illiterate.

The Team: $8,529 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Liz Zweifler

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Ayesha Lodhia

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90% Raised of $3,000 Goal

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Hajera Azam

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135% Raised of $500 Goal

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Nudrat Zoha

Amount Raised



131% Raised of $500 Goal

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uzma bawany

Amount Raised



47% Raised of $1,000 Goal

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1% Raised of $16,000 Goal

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Sehrish Khan

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17% Raised of $500 Goal

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Rabia Iqbal

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12% Raised of $500 Goal

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