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Anastasia Bernstein's Fundraiser:

Rise Above The Homelessness

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Anastasia Bernstein


I wanted to start this fundraiser because I was once homeless myself . I was homeless for two and a half years. 17 years old - late 19 years old almost 20 years old. I've sleep on a park bench and apartment buildings stairway, I've went without food for weeks, didn't have much to wear or a place to shower and do my laundry. I've stayed in homeless shelters. Some, you just don't even want to think about how dirty they are. I know just how hard is it to feed yourself and cloth yourself and have a safe place to sleep when life is making it hard to pull out of the shadows. I want to see this fundraiser help me feed and cloth the homeless. I want to gather as much people as I can and serve the homeless food and have some clothes donations they can pick from (I'm hoping at least) I really want to see this fundraiser grow. Grow not only in the amount of people who are helping the homeless but also I want to see this fundraiser touch a bunch of lives all around USA. I want to see us as people help our neighbors. Our neighbors aren't always in houses or apartments or condos or townhouse, they can be down the block searching through the garbag can or that person who asked you for 50€ and needed the 50€ to put some food on the table to feed him or her or his or hers family but you just said no you dont have it. There are lives out in this world that hurting to get by on the daily basis and I feel we can contribute to our community and help our neighbors because us humans we're meant to help and support one another. Please help me make a difference. We need more people's let out here trying to make a difference. Be one of those people. Give a hand. Give a heart. And give a life.



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Anastasia is working on selecting a charity so you can support Rise Above The Homelessness .