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Rise To Recovery

Organized by: Lewis MacPherson

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Addiction effects millions. If you have ever read a personal story about someone who was an addict and then found recovery it is always a very sad story. The things and the people they have lost and what they have gone through is enough to equal the plot of any television or Hollywood drama. Thing is, these are true stories and not made up by some writer sitting in a cushy LA loft overlooking the ocean. NO, these are stories that are written by the people actually living through such hardships and each and every one of them is heartbreaking.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel however and it is recovery. I don't care what anybody says, you are not an addict forever. Almost all of the currently "accepted" treatments for addiction love to say, "once your an addict you are always an addict." Well, I do not agree with that statement. Instead I like to say, "when you have found recovery and stick with it you are no longer an addict. You are a regular person again and just like everyone else!"

This is where the problem comes in however. Chances are, the person who is now a "recovered addict" might have done some regrettable things during the time they were using drugs. Now that they are clean and starting over they are finding that life does not have any sympathy for them and that it is a very difficult world to live in. Finding a job in order to pay the bills being among the hardest of things to accomplish. There are various reasons why some of us have a difficult time finding a job and it is different for everyone.

This is where we step in. I myself am a recovered addict who had many of the same hardships that I am talking about and in some cases I am still dealing with some of them. Knowing what I had to go through and finding out about what some others had to and are still going through made me want to find a way to help. So I started working with the Salvation Army teaching computer classes so that some of these people could possibly update their technical skills. I had hoped that would help some of them get work. IN some cases it did but I quickly found that it wasn't enough.

So I started building computers from spare donated parts and giving them to people for free. People like single mothers or people who just could not afford a new computer could come to me and I would provide them with one. These were nothing fancy but they were updated with current software and were capable of connecting to the Internet. I had hoped that this, along with the classes could help some people get the skills they needed to find work. Again, this helped a few people but I was still finding that there was a big hole that needed to be filled.

This is where Rise to Recovery came to be. I wanted to find a way to be a bigger help to those who really needed it and those who could benefit from such help. Of course there is always the possibility of those who would look to take advantage of such "gifts" and since I have been doing this for going on two years now I have developed ways to try and "weed out" those seeking to take advantage of another person's good will. Because let's face it, there are always people out there who are looking to take the easy road or take advantage of the work that another person has done.

So that is Rise to Recovery in a nutshell. With the donations from Crowdrise the hope is to use that money to actually create a real charity or foundation. I would like to be able to help more people. I am currently only able to help people in my general area and even then only with a couple things. Things like the computers, computer classes, resume help, interview help, and technical help. I have a lot of skills and I am looking for other ways to help people with them. I spent about 7 years as an Area Manager for a food chain as well as a few years as a manager for a large distribution warehouse, among other positions. So the skills that I have can surely benefit others who have never worked in those types of jobs and are just coming into recovery wondering why the world is against them so.

If you see fit to donate to this cause you could feel secure in the fact that your money is going to a wonderful cause. The help that we could provide to those who need it is always appreciated. That is the one reason that I have kept doing this even after I taught that first computer class a couple years ago. I was pulled aside after a class once and this girl told me how much the classes had meant to her. She told me that she had just gotten hired at a call center and if not for the classes and the confidence it had given her she would have never gotten that job. She went on to say that since being clean for nearly a year at that point she was out of work and could not pay her rent. But now that she was working she had a whole new outlook on her immediate future and that it looked bright for the first time in years.

Hearing all of that hit me. At that point I realized that what I was doing was far more satisfying than working an 8 hour shift somewhere. It made me realize that I can actually make a difference in people's lives and a difference that mattered. I felt good for the first time in a very long time. Since that day I have continued to volunteer my time at the Salvation Army as well as building computers for those who need them. I currently have a waiting list with 24 people on it who are awaiting a computer from me.

The donations made here will go towards helping to make this "foundation" legitimate. I hope to apply for tax exempt status as well as any other steps that I need to take in order to take this from the small workshop in my basement to a small workshop in my garage. I kid but I do not have wild or impossible aspirations, just realistic ones. I just want to continue to help people and with your help I know that I can. With your help I know that I can help more people and possibly even get some help for me so that we can expand who we help and with what.

Thank you!


Organized by

Lewis MacPherson

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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