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CROWDRISE : Feb 15, 2014
Tax ID: 84-1492877
BASED: Monument, CO, United States


Give Hope to an Orphan

A promise was made to a boy adopted from Rwanda. We promised to take care of his earliest friends.

In 2008, Jimmy & Carrie adopted their son (River) from Rwanda.  They couldn't adopt every child at the orphanage, so they promised to make sure that each child remaining their had the chance to attend school and find a family of their own. 

Jimmy & Carrie began "Rivers Promise" as a mechanism to keep the "River's Promise". 

To date, every child in River's orphanage (which was located in Kigali)  has now been placed into a Rwandan family and the orphanage has been closed with the help of the Rwandan Government. 

They have now ventured out to help other orphans and vulnerable children, beginning with an isolated village of Pygmy (Twa).   In thi village, homeless orphans are abundant as the poverty is extreme and over 90% of children will die before the age of 5 simply due to exposure and the lack of basic ammenities. 

In 2012, an agreement was reached in the village that "River's Promise" would build houses for widows, with the understanding that each widow would adopt homeless orphans and raise them as her own children.   Children are placed in our sponsorship program (  wheere a sponsor provides edudcation/school fees, school uniforms, scholastiic materials,  health insurance, & other basic life ammenities for $35 per month.  

30 houses are needed to complete the project in this village.   After we rebuild this village, we will move our efforts to other remote Rwandan villages and help children that are not on anyone's radar screen and will not receive a "hand-up" without our help. 

Jimmy Lakey, founder of River's Promise, says, "Education is the ladder that a child can use to escape from the pit of extreme poverty.   By providing sponsorship, housing, and basic provision, we are giving hope for a brighter tomorrow and can truly change the future for orphaned & vulnerable children in Rwanda."  

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