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CROWDRISE : Dec 16, 2010
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In 2007 Raven Maria Blanco, was a normal, healthy, loving child. Her parents took her to the dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning. She never returned home. Instead, under her dentist’s care, Raven’s life slipped away. The medical conditions that led to her death are complex, but this fact remains: when problems developed, the dentist’s office was inadequately prepared to address the crisis.

Those whose lives were touched by this brief burst of joy named Raven were understandably devastated by this loss and experience. In honor of Raven’s memory, her parents and extended family established RMBF with the central objective of raising awareness within the dental profession. The need for better medical emergency preparedness is critical as, sadly, this very lack of preparation which led to Raven’s death is the current state of most dental offices in America.

RMBF is advocating change… This cannot be done alone! We need the help and support of any and all who are moved by our plight. We will transform lives; however, it is we who will be most in awe of the rewards we find in our giving. Join us in our journey to the margins. In this space, dreams soar to realization.


Our MIssion

Our primary focus is dental pediatric patients; our primary means is medical emergency preparedness.  Through education and action, we seek to keep children healthy and smiling.

RMBF has heard the silent pleas of children, those passed and those suffering still.  Our thrust is a reinvention and reinvigoration of the dental community by bringing medical emergency preparedness to the forefront of discussion and action.  Similarly, RMBF is partnering to assist underserved children, providing them with grants helping to deliver dental hygiene necessities, education, and compassion.

A routine procedure can end in complete trauma.  This is the reality of the 19 children that RMBF is fighting for.  The only way we can gain the hope of these innocents is by addressing the truth of medical emergency preparedness.  The dental community is in a staggering state of uncertainty.  We must realize that we are dealing with life and death – and that the power to choose life is in our hands.

The initial spark of RMBF, the South African Orphanage Project, continues to build momentum.  We aim to move our objectives to a global scale in the future.  At this time, the statistics demand that RMBF reach the dental community as quickly as possible and as such, we are putting our full heart, energy, and drive towards this aim.

Tax ID: 26-3203605 •


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5000-in-5 Campaign

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