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Road To Greatness Inc

Road To Greatness Inc
CROWDRISE : Nov 02, 2016
Tax ID: 47-4086245
BASED: Sunnyside, NY, United States


Road To Greatness Inc

The Blue Print for R2G

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Road to Greatness was created with the belief that everyone has the capability of being great in their own right. Some are actively pursuing that greatness, while others need that motivation to begin their own path. 

Over the years, the communities of Sunnyside and Woodside have been witnessing youth programs constantly vanish throughout the neighborhood. After a popular youth program disbanded in June 2014, one community leader, Kenny Medrano, knew he had to take action. Through partnerships with a local church and community association, he was able to continue programs. In May 2015, he formed a team of incredible professionals who shared the principles of leadership and resilience. They were driven to make a lasting impact in the community. This became the origin of the Road to Greatness. 

The mission of Road to Greatness is to cultivate leadership within individuals and strive to advance the social and economic progress of communities in Queens. 

In order to make an impact in our communities, the Road to Greatness begins at the fundamental level: through the youth.

Beginning in 2016, through its partnership with P.S.199Q, Road to Greatness provided an arts and sports program in a school that has a need for both. This is only possible by the actions and support from incredible, like-minded individuals like you. 

Join us as we continue this movement to make a long lasting impact in the community. 

Tax ID: 47-4086245 •


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