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The Road Killer

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We are a group of driven filmmakers looking to finish our project The Road Killer. A feature-length thriller about a town terrorized by a series of vicious hit and runs. The film revolves around a small group of students and a police lieutenant who is slowly loosing it as he chases down this vehicular madman.

Check out the teaser here:

We have managed to film close to 30 percent of the film on funds raised by ourselves and associates alone. What's left is the large scenes, the special effects, and the upcoming post production work. Within the cast we have Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson and The Olympians) who's signed on to play the role of Lilith Meyers. The wife of the driven Lieutenant Henry Meyers, played by Jack Holtz, a veteran theatre actor of State College area. Also within the cast is Gabriel Bellotti, an immensely talented rising talent. As well as a capable cast and crew both in front of and behind the scenes.

For principle photography, we are looking for around ten thousand dollars.

That ten thousand would go into renting out space for a memorial service, renting equipment and space to film in a (mock) hospital. Also included, the additional funding would go to pay special effects artist Thomas "Smitty" Smith so we can film the movie's death scenes with the professional quality we feel the production deserves. He's quouted us at 1000 in order to complete the scenes. For the death scenes we're looking for at least 1500. 1000 for the initial cost and an addition 500 which would go towards paying travel fees, catering costs, additional camera and sound crew as well as any unforeseen expenses that may arise during filming. We also need money for insurance, permits, and any other filming expenses.

This is your chance to be apart of something that's growing big.

We began the project last year and it's spread like wildfire since then. From a simple and driven two man crew production, it's ignited into something that everyone involved with believes has serious potential. Our producers are more then ecstatic about the footage they've already seen, and are eager to see more. The additional funds we hope to raise will go towards completing this vision. While we have about half of the movie shot, we still have to complete effects shot and are looking at hefty fees for post-production cost and music rights. All in all, it's going fourth into making The Road Killer the best possible film it can be.

If you have any questions about the film please feel free to contact me at or the co-director Jon Craig at We will both be more then happy to field any questions you may have.

Thank you so much.

Chris Ryves (co-director and writer of The Road Killer)



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