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Road to Redemption

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Road to Redemption Movement


Imagine you develop a condition from your pregnancy that leaves you childless, incontinent and alone At least 3 million women in Africa, Asia and Arab regions are living with Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) also called ‘obstetric fistula’ ,50% of which are in Western Africa.
During prolonged and obstructed child labor, the constant pressure of the fetal skull against the soft tissue around the vagina and the bladder and/or rectum cuts off the blood supply to the tissues, causing them to disintegrate. A hole is formed, resulting in urine and/or feces to leak continuously and uncontrollably from the vagina. In nearly all cases of obstetric fistula, the baby dies.

To help tell the story of these young women, we will embark on their road to redemption with them. A group of 15 women from the States will be traveling to Africa to become ambassadors and support the treatment of 150 girls whom are in Tamale, a village just outside of Ghana awaiting our arrival. We will each be donating and sponsoring the girls individually for a collaborative initiative to prevent fistula and restore the health and dignity of those affected by the condition.
After all, there is no more powerful voice for promoting prevention and safe delivery and helping “invisible” fistula survivors to access treatment, than a woman who has survived fistula. Road to Redemption is a film, documentary, and movement bringing awareness to the United States about the Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) endemic in Africa. Dedicated to raising awareness and funding for VVF treatment and prevention, Road to Redemption also provides support and rehabilitation to enable the girls to reenter society and restart their lives.



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