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Road Trip for a Cause

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The Story

On July 12-17, 2014, a team of intrepid Tesla Model S owners is embarking on an all-electric, emissions-free, cross-country trek.  Some will be enduring the entire 3,605 miles linking Newark, Delaware to Monterey, California, while others will be joining along the route.  This Tesla Road Trip highlights the ability to drive cross-country using our new “electric highway”; ie, the Tesla Supercharger network.  It also is providing a chance to raise awareness and donations for an important charitable cause, childhood cancer, which remains the most common cause of disease-related death among children in the United States.  Keeping with the coast-to-coast theme, the team of drivers has selected 2 national charities that will benefit children across the country.  Please show your support by making a tax-deductible donation that will directly help children with cancer, in the form of a much-needed camp experience (KOA Care Camps) and/or research focused on gaining a much better understanding all types of childhood tumors, with the ultimate goal of better treatments and outcomes (Children’s Oncology Group Project:EveryChild).

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KOA Camps

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