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ROAR FOR THE LIONS- Funds being raised to save the lions

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Lions Are At a Risk of Extinction, Save them!. Take the first step towards saving the lions of Africa and Kenya’s Maasailand.


Project Roar is an idea to create awareness among People for the safety and protection of Lions. Over the past 50 years Africa’s lion population have decreased from over 200,000 individuals back in the 1960’s to fewer then 25,000 today. This is considered very shocking because if you see the size of the continent, and by far the greatest number of remaining lion populations are small, scattered, and highly vulnerable. As part of Project Roar, this foundation is helping avert a potential conservation disaster: the complete loss of lions in and around Amboseli National Park, and Africa’s most important tourist destinations. As they teeter on the brink of extinction, these lions do not have the luxury of time. The decline in the lion population in this region has reached a critical status that needs addressing on a major scale.

The situation in and around Amboseli is grave, but there is hope. In order to stop the killings, the Maasai need to be compensated immediately for their cattle losses.

We aren’t unique in our fascination with and sheer admiration of big cats. In just about any major city in the world—from New York to Helsinki, Johannesburg to Nagasaki—you will find statues of lions. They sit majestically, or with a foot up on a ball, or snarl like menacing beasts, or crouch, or run, or strike some other suitable pose. We humans seem to have admired them and feared them and worshipped their nobility and strength for thousands of years.
And we have killed them mercilessly.

I strongly believe that unless we recognize this as an emergency and take action now, we will witness the extinction of wild lions—these iconic predators that once ruled from the southern tip of Africa all the way to northwestern India—by 2020.

Add Your Support Today
Take the first step toward saving the lions of Africa and Kenya’s Maasailand. Outside contributions will not only pay for a lion’s life, but the money raised will be used to support the following:

• Education for students and adults
• Animal husbandry solutions
• Jobs for the Maasai people
• Community conservation efforts

It is time now not just for public awareness, but for public action. By working together, we can prevent further lion population decline while helping the Maasai as well. Although we call the work being undertaken a conservation effort, Roars efforts to save the Maasai lions. Donate today!



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