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Roberto's Economy

Organized by: Humerez Roberto

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This fundraiser is for a person who suffered the consequences of illnesses and has a great heart. This person was a happy person and saved a happy heart because Jesus was there and he learned that love is the greatness; never lost faith and now a light of love and happiness is giving fruits to this person. His mother before she died made him plant a seed in the backyard and he worked all his life just to see fruits come up. While this is a long time inversion; he did not needed to water the seed and take care of it. He needed to keep his heart and values alive because he long term goal is this: love from Jesus and love to life. Now I see, the sun everyday raise and welcome the seed into the world because it's got his way from the ground up to the light. I'm talking about life and a person who had severe obstacles, illnesses and threats life has. You can appreciate this in almost everything; example: when a sea turtle hatch... the baby turtle needs to find his way to the sea to be safe; like so; this person kept not only life with light but his heart and love from Jesus to the world! to the people and he plans to live a happy life just like Jesus and God made this world for. He not only had... Asthma (when kid) but he pissed on his pants when he was in kindergarden and he had his nose all dripping but there was more love in him than all the injustices you can think of... when he was a young man, he didn't like to dance and talk to girls; he was shy and happy in a way with lots of love 'he always kept' for a reason. When he grew to a yound adult he went to medical clinic for mental rehabilitation tricked by his mother because he did not need any; it was all the love and injustices he couldn't talk out; he was happy; that's all he was and when he couldn't respond and let people think he was weird or needed some type of help? his innocence talked. He was hit accidentally by his mother in the nose or it was not really meant to cause too much harm but correct but... again... he had a dislocated septum and didn't talk, instead used nasal spray. After all nobody knew... he was like that for more than 2 years and more and that affect also his emotions but not his soul and heart. After his mother died with an incurable disease; his step dad threw him on the streets of Miami; a big country and the only thing he could do is use the money loan to survive; he ended up wrong and bad. He went to jail (one day) for panhandling and other charges that are ridiculous. He never used drugs and went the wrong way but this is where his heart was leading him but he preferred to get lost for what he thought was right. In between all of this he met love and mercy and he didn't care; this is why he ended up in the streets about to dye when his family looked back and got him out the street to his native country. He is doing fine now but doesn't have an economical life. After trying many websites to make money and working a lot on "his fruits" Now he thinks fruits are to give; just because he sees the sun everyday an he knows is the fruits of the plant that he seeded with his mother before she knew she was going to dye. His love kept him with his values and message to everyone and is Jesus that wants everyone to live a happy and normal life. This person is me. Please donate any amount of money if you see a relation with your life because even though I don't know money! I know money doesn't make happiness but hard work and to plant a seed and survive is the same thing as working hard. I know everybody work hard and my message is love and love; I wish everyone could spend love and live a happy life always... but the problems that exists today are because one way or the other education and home are over given. There are many people who are hungry, don't have shelter or opportunity but even though they may be persons with disabilities they want to try. People who has everything and don't do a thing is a really sad situation because others that are dying 'literally' like in the hospital will grab anything to live... All I can give is the example I lived and give shelter of my heart! Believe it or not! this is what kept me alive! To waste love simply wrong but there are some living things that already are dead. and I wish everyone to see the light of Jesus; he wants us to live a full happy life. Money is just a door to this light which is unconditional.... I did it without money but people need money to be sure is love and waste not... hopefully! you use your money wisely because in society we need money or something of matter to show our well and good work but also shows happiness and I want this! "money" to help others and be happy. Roberto Humerez


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Humerez Roberto

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