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Rock 'N' Roll Brooklyn with ACS & St. Jude's

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July 25, 2017

Due to Rock 'N' Roll Brooklyn Marathon's registration process I unfortunately will not be able to continue raising money through my own CrowdRise  See more
Nicole Riolo


Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series with ACS & St. Jude’s 

October 14th I embark on my first half marathon by participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Marathon Series! Though it would have been easier to simply pay a registration fee, I’ve decided to use this opportunity to give to two amazing causes, American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

To put things into perspective, here are a few facts about cancer and what ACS and St. Jude’s are doing to fight the odds. 

Facts & Figures about Cancer today… 

- 175,000 children from birth up to the age of 14 are diagnosed with cancer each year 

- In the US alone there are 420,000 childhood cancer survivors 

- Of the 836,150 males diagnosed with cancer by the end of 2017, an estimated 19% will have prostate cancer and of the 852,630 women diagnosed with cancer, an estimated 30% will have breast cancer 

How ACS and St. Jude’s are making a difference… 

- Encouraging better means to healthier lifestyles 

- Finding more efficient ways to find cancer cells earlier 

- Providing support at every stage possible 

- Taking multicultural communities into account and finding ways on how to educate, treat and emotional support those affected 

- Clinical therapy programs for children of all ages 

- Extensive scientific research for on going treatment 

- Researching cancer survivors and periodic evaluations throughout their lives 

Though I have not been directly affected by one cancer in particular I’ve grown up seeing at least one friend or family member affected by this too soon in life. I’ve been meaning to give back for a while now so why not have it be my motivation to complete a half marathon ☺



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