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Students To Executives Inc's Fundraiser:

Rock the Card™ 4 Kids & Pets - Donations Pay Students Directly to Learn Business & Life

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We believe everything we do provides the key for 7-17 year old persons to obtain a stellar edge towards business success and while engaged in this process one is simultaneously unlocking a highly applicable understanding of their own personal human experience.

We partner with persons and/or companies that are living examples of their own business truths coupled with a myriad of multifaceted life successes.

We have defined the rules and designed the playing field parameters for the “Sport Of Business”™ to empower current and future generations within our L.A.B.S.™ (Life And Business Sessions) 

Note: 75% of the donation proceeds is PAID directly to kids who "Earn to Learn" with us.

Did you know...

Substance abuse costs the U.S.A. valuable minds, lives & over $600 billion annually with prison costs alone being higher than most college tuition.

How you can help

Mission, Purpose, Story meets Marketing, Promotions & Sales

Our "Sport of Business" training ignites mature decisions and direction for 7-17 year old persons . Empowering kids with business & life education prevents despair, disharmony & destruction. Caring gives more kids, more hours for the head start that insures, more life success in the U.S.A. "Let's inspire stars rather than catch falling stars".

About S2E™

We are "The Intelligent Preventive to Drugs, Thugs & Mediocrity". We Inspire & Empower youth from all segments of society with a special penchant for foster youth & juvenile first offenders. Students get paid to learn & play the Sport of Business & Life™. Diverse support allows us to provide youth valuable skills to soar in business and also to obtain Healthy, Harmonious & Prosperous living skills.


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MORE about our vision...

We ignite children on a path to realizing, embracing and living their greatest individual potential while on the journey of life.

Partners have a known passion coupled with measurable efforts. Our special ambassadors desire to effortlessly “Play it Forward”™.

Our sport is the opportunity for children from all walks of life to “embrace different”™ and follow their own visions. Our L.A.B.S.™ (Life And Business Sessions) are the playing field where children learn after school how to play and soar above in any desired industry. This inherent skillset becomes a natural lifestyle when an individual obtains the M.P.S.edge™. This is just one of the keys we offer to empower all who desire to play & grow with the S2E™ team.

We are a young at heart 501(c) 3 non-profit Business Society.

We ignite young minds and give them permission to discover, create and live their own story without hesitation while learning and playing the "Sport of Business"™.

Students Earn to Learn & Play the "Sport of Business"™

With us, students earn to learn our 12 week syllabus and obtain the M.P.S.edge™. This accomplishment inspires students to continue on a success path to becoming highly adept Business Pilots. Any student may join the S2E™ team.

Our certified S2E™ pilots stand out in a crowd, choose to soar above, commit to make a difference and to also help others. This S2E™ team empowerment coupled with the M.P.S.edge™ propels individuals of all walks of life to naturally grow, without hesitation, to become bonafide "Designers of Legacies"™.

Our society is empowered and led by leaders, who in their chosen industries, are already successful business and professional people. We collaborate with local businesses who sponsor local students to gain valuable practical exposure to the real world.

Our future S2E™ pilots will naturally desire to "Play it Forward" transform the lives of fellow students.

We accomplish more and share our story thru personal E.M.I.™; experience, mentoring and internships, that instill life and success principals; the natural byproduct of playing the "Sport of Business"™ the S2E™ way…

Whether a student desires to be a Chef, a Doctor or a Scientist, they will all naturally soar above with the M.P.S.edge™ as their advantage.

We share W.E.R.K.™ (Wisdom, Experience, Resources & Knowledge) and business owners get a ROI when they share theirs...

Together we can give students the MPSedge™ and truly "Embrace Different"™...

... Let's together do more than acknowledge the need for it!


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