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Rock Camp Productions

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HOURS PLEDGED: 100,000,000

Mileage Tracker: 200,000

Jessica Mola


Rock Camp Productions is a collaborative group of artists, musicians, designers, and performers who generate meaningful and exhilarating experiences. We pride ourselves in delivering products and services that are state of the art as well as steeped in tradition. Musical and arts events such as Zoo at Crobar NYC or the Pink Moon Festival in Rock Camp, WV bring the best in live performance, music, and entertainment together for your pleasure. Our kite team dances with the wind, we bring cave paintings to life with special lights and larger than life puppet designs. We create other worldly environments that engage and awe spectators. But above all else, we are sure to leave the strongest and most positive impression possible. We accomplish these goals by playing to and from the heart. You may have seen us most recently at The Allgood Music Festival, Floyd Fest 9: Breaking Ground and The Gathering of The Vibes. We would love to continue supporting the scene and producing our art. If you love what we do, please donate!


Maybe you've seen us here:


Rock Camp Productions

Jessica Mola & Seth Abramson



Rock Camp Productions is a comprehensive production company, drawing from a large community of artists. The co-owners and operators are Seth Abramson (Creator) and Jessica Mola.

RCP has been a staple in the arts scene, specifically the counter culture art scene for over a decade, bringing glowing, interactive fun and mind blowing performances to music festivals and concerts across the country.


Rock Camp Productions has produced the following shows:


Glodeo! - A complete performance piece including our cast of classic glowing characters: Puff T. Magic-Dragon (our 35” long glowing festival dragon), and Dr. Molly and Siddhartha Glo (our 20” tall glowing stick figure puppets, affectionately called Molly and Sid). The characters interact throughout the performance, chasing each other, dancing, and occasionally Sid actually rides Puff...the rodeo aspect of the Glodeo!


Secluded Forest Fest2004 – Alien Crash Landing Piece: performers dressed as an extraterrestrial band, that toured around the festival ground playing to the crowd.

Crobar Club Residency2004-2007 (NYC) – weekly costume ensemble art projects, puppet shows

            Play Party VIP – Collaborating with Jaysumma Old and Promoter

            Serve Party - Collaborating with Jaysumma Old and Promoter

            Zoo Party – Party Organizer and Promoter

            Puppet shows and costume ensembles with DJ Oakenfold (Molly's Debut) , DJ Tiesto, Sasha & Dig Weed, Puff Daddy

          House of Mercado collaborations & Chichi Valente & Rafi Mercado

Club Exit NYE Party2005 (NYC) – Puppet Performance (Sid's Debut)

Happy Valley Night Club (NYC)

          Heidi Klum's Halloween Party 2006  - Interactive Performance Artist

Bloomberg Media Summer Party2006-2009 (Randalls Island) -Kite Installations, circus variety, 10 kite installation self designed and executed

Gathering of the Vibes 2005-2011– We are officially the “Freaky People department” and provide our Glodeo! Plus a cast of costumed characters including caveman mimes, Dancing Bear Mascots, skeletons, body painting and more.

All Good Music Festival2006, 2008, 2010-2011 – Glodeo! Plus a cast of costumed characters including caveman mimes, Dancing Bear Mascots, skeletons, body painting and more.

Bonaroo2005-2008 – Glodeo! As well as official Bonaroo staff participating in costumed ensembles, performance art, circus variety shows, parades, blowing up acrobats in weather balloons, and more.

Mexicali Blues Zen Tricksters NYE Party2005 – Puppet performances and costumed characters.

Floydfest 2006 – kites, puppets, costume ensemble 2010 – dragon puppet costumes

10K Lakes 2007–Puppet Performances (Sid & Molly), On stage performance with Wookiefoot

Langerado 2007– Puppets show, costume ensemble

Club Sol2007 (NYC) - Ensemble Performance Director, Promotions

Club Spirit (NYC)

          Halloween 2007 w/ Jeff Hernandez- Performer,Dancer,  Drumming

Sullivan Hall(NYC)

          Rehab Party 2008-2009 - Director, Promoter, Booking Agent, Designer, Performer

Disorient Times Square2010 – Dragon Show

Phish 8– Dragon Show (Puff's Debut, Dragon commissioned by Phish)

          Puff T. Magic-Dragon spots in Phish's 3D movie

Kites Over Washington 2009

Promoter, event coordinator at Cleo of Alpha Chi, Hartford CT 2000-present

Elysian Fields2010-2011 – Dragon shows and costume ensembles

Camp Barefoot2-5 – Glodeo! and costume ensembles

Culturefest2010 – Dragon show, kites and costume ensembles

Reed Speed@ Awful Arthur's, Blacksburg VA  - Dragon show

Papadosio@ The Sun Music Hall, Floyd VA – Dragon show
The Shangri-La Party w/ DJ Rahbee @ The Sun, Floyd Va – Dragon show
EOTO @ The Pearl Street Nightclub, Northhampton MA - Dragon
EOTO @ The Royale, Boston MA - Dragon
EOTO @ 123 Pleasant St, Morgantown, WV – Dragon


Rock Camp Productions Festivals

          Pink Moon I 2009 (Rock Camp, WV)

          Pink Moon II 2010 “

          Pink Moon III 2011 “


Other Experience:


Guild Works Kite Flight Studio

          Building kites, performance group organizer

          The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

          The Today Show

          Dances for Wave Hill with Heather Hensen


        Oswego1999 -  Kite Performer

          NYE 2000 -  Kite Performer

          IT – Kite Performer, Bunny Troupe, Production Assistant

          Coventry  - Kite Performer, Bunny Troupe,  Visual Design Team








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