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Hi my name is robin winkleblack I am asking for help in raising money for childhood cancer research, I always saw the commercials on TV kids with cancer at St Jude s I felt sad but you never in a million years think it could happen to you, well unfortunately in Aug 2012 1 week before my granddaughters 1st birthday she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer, words I can't even describe the feeling when the oncology Dr said it, I felt like i couldn't breath i just cried and criedb i was mad i thought how dare you say those words she's just a baby I didn't want to Beleive it but it was true and we were thrown into this world of cancer, they started chemo on her first birthday we had to try to celebrate even though our hearts were breaking and just tried to have hope the drs gave us allot of hope she spent days and months in hosp I was there everyday seeing her trying to support my daughter and husband this was their first precious princess, my heart was breaking for them, I felt fear anger and just wanted this not to be true, I wanted to wake up from this nightmare, they did surgery, chemo, things were looking up, then 3 months later the tumor was back with a vengeance we were devastated and the drs came up with a whole new plan of treatment, things were up and down she had surgery again and surgery bya neurologist, this poor baby just kept going as if nothing was wrong most the time , but then 3 weeks after surgery it was back larger than before they started radiation, on this poor baby, as I am writing this it still doesn't seem real it's like a horror story I'm reliving, she wasn't getting better, my daughter asked them to do a scan when she came home that night i can hardly even write these words cause my heart is breaking I can't see cause my eyes are full of tears, because the words my daughter had to tell me was she only has maybe 2 weeks , so they kept her in hosp to get pain under control and she came home the next day she was only 2 and a half this precious baby was wasting away because this monster took away her life her child hood all her hopes and dreams every dream her parents had for her was being toren away, we lost her one day later, she slept most the time was very medicated but we all spent time with her, she has aunts uncles cousins a baby brother wyatt who was only 9 months old she called him brother bear he will only know her through our memories I  sang a dream isa wish your heart makes and twinkle twinkle little star to precious Rylee when they said she was gone a part of all of us left forever our family is forever changed because of this monster called cancer, this is why we need to raise money for funding for research our govt only gives a lousy 4% funding towards childhood cancer research they deserve more, please help me raise this money i miss Rylee more than words could ever describe, I wished we never were affected by this but now that we know we have to fight for the survivors, the ones who are fighting and those that lost their battle, please, please donate today sept is national childhood cancer awareness month going gold, gold ribbons, thank you



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