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Saving One Wagging Tail At A Time

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Each year, over 300 dogs are transported by our volunteers and partner agencies to one of our foster homes in Colorado until they are adopted out to their forever homes. Those dogs are removed from an overburdened shelter system where they are in danger of being euthanized and given a new lease on life. Every adoption is a success story, and we need your help to continue making those happen! 

We consist of a small group of volunteers that find and rehome rural and some local Labrador retrievers and Lab mixes.  We find our Labs through shelter volunteers out of state, who will alert us to great dogs that are about to be put to sleep.  Most of these labs are in "High Kill Shelters".  These are shelters that are almost always full because they are located in rural areas, where the dogs run stray, easily mating because they have not been altered. The general population in many areas of the country are still ignorant to the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Many people also find that they can not care for their dog anymore and have no one else to turn to, so they take their dog to a shelter.  Many of these "High Kill Shelters" give their dogs about 4-5 days to find a home. If they are not adopted they are euthanized or placed in a gas chamber. 

We all have full time jobs, families and other activities in our lives.  We spend our own time working on the organization, planning to get these dogs out of shelters before they are put down, scheduling vet appointments, transporting dogs cross country and processing adoption applications.   Many times these dogs are in far away places and the dogs have to be pulled by a volunteer and then boarded for around $5-10 a day until they can be transported to a foster home in Colorado.  We work on organizing a transport for these dogs sometimes from one end of the country to another.  We use our donations for the extra cost of pulling, vetting,  boarding, and transporting the dogs.

Your Donation will make a huge difference!! By donating you are helping us with the costs that go over and beyond what are adoption fees cover.  Our adoption fee can not cover the cost of repairing broken bones, heartworm treatment, life-saving surgery, and other treatments some of our rescued Labs need to make them well, pain free and ready for their forever homes.