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Rochester People's Climate Coalition

We will inspire and facilitate a large-scale climate mobilization in the Greater Rochester Region to identify and implement effective climate solutions that will achieve carbon neutrality by 2027 Tax ID 47-5562806


The Rochester People’s Climate Coalition unites local organizations to address the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to transition to a clean energy economy and to prepare for the impacts of global warming.  Through our coordinated, collaborative efforts, we will create a more environmentally just and sustainable community.

As of Fall 2016, RPCC’s initiatives focus on reducing emissions through advocating for Four Action Pathways, which represent the most significant local contributors of greenhouse gas emissions:

  1. Building Efficiency
  2. Renewable Energy Transition (i.e., reducing fossil fuels and promoting clean energy)
  3. Green Transportation
  4. Sustainable Land Management/Food Choices

Within each pathway, we strive to…

  • Educate the general public about climate change and mobilize them for action;
  • Facilitate collaboration between relevant stakeholders;
  • Encourage local media to improve their coverage of climate issues; and
  • Educate legislators regarding meaningful climate solutions.