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ROI initiatives include: International peace and security through communal harmony and inter-faith reconciliation, humanitarian and crises aid, education, and community livelihood projects. Tax ID 65-1315505


Since 2004, Reach Out International (ROI) has been actively promoting international peace and security through our message of communal harmony and inter-faith reconciliation primarily in South Asia and Pakistan.  By engaging in cross border peace initiatives and through dialog and collaboration with government and community leaders, ROI promotes peace and understanding between citizens and residents of multi-ethnic, multi-religious nations.  Advocating for human rights, ROI initiatives include Humanitarian and Crises Aid, Education, Gender Equality in Education, and Community Livelihood Projects with a goal toward self-reliance for marginalized, vulnerable and disenfranchised populations.  ROI provides Relief Aid to all regardless of political affiliation, religion, ethnicity or gender.