Roz fights Home Depot, Nationstar Mtg, Safeguard & ALLstate

Organized by: Rosalyn Caffey

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Hello, Please help me pay for legal fees for questioning doctors, police, construction experts, cancer experts, experts on mold, abestosus experts, astma experts, Lupus experts, Concussion experts, radiologists, traumatic brain injury specialist, physicians specializing in neck and spinal cord injuries, forensic experts in analyzing and restoring video recordings, Experts in training employee in worker safety, experts in customer safety, investigators in Home Mortgages, experts in home owners property rights, experts in insurance bad faith and insurance fraud, and experts in safe housing and equal credit treatment for disabled people. Although most everyone feels that customers should be able to go into a store without being hit in the back of the head and neck with a 12 foot piece of lumber by a store employee. And, certainly, most everyone would think that a customers' medical bills and expenses caused by a store employee hitting a customer in the head with lumber would be paid by the store quickly. However, not in this case. And when you are hurt in Home Depot you normally have to fight to get your bills paid. After being a Home Depot customer for more than 20 year I did not known Home Depot would hurt you and not pay bills that were clearly their employees fault. I did not know that people often got hurt in Home Depot or some times killed in Home Depot, but I know not and have medical bills, expenses, and a life that is changed forever. Because a went to Home Depot. But more importantly I must now come up with money to pay for medical bills and legal fees to get Home Depot to pay my medical bills, home health care expenses, and transportation expenses from the disability vans. Home depot has left me and the U.S. citizen through Medicare to pay my bills. And the only way for me to get my medical bills and expenses paid is for me to sue event though their employee hit me in the back of the head with a large piece of lumber. I am a 59 year old disabled woman with spine injury and brain injury and problems from the concussion I got from being hit in the head with a 12 foot piece of lumber at Home Depot. I must pay court reporter fees and fees for my doctors and experts to testify in court to explain how being hit in the back of the head with a piece of lumber gave me a concussion, brain injury, and a spinal cord injury. It is a simple an obvious answer to give to a judge or jury of 12 ;however, it must be done by experts and doctors. These doctors and experts cost money. Money which I need help with. Because if I am not able to pay for these experts and doctors I will not be able to make the Home Depot pay for my medical treatment, home healthcare expenses, or transportation to the doctors or treatment. The Home depot and its lawyers know that I disabled, not working, and not rich so they have rolled the dice hopping that I will not have enough money to pay for experts and doctors to testify. Home Depot normally fights everyone even if they kill one of your family members in the store. Therefore their action are not personal to me. It just feels personal because it is my life that is changed forever, and it is me that has to ask other for money to help me get my medical bills and supplies taken care of. I am asking strangers for help yes, but I was raised in faith and I know that the goodness of people and power of God makes all things possible. And, I know that I will be able to raise enough to help me because while I was away from home being treated by my doctors for my concussion, traumatic brain injury, cervical spine injury, and spinal cord injury, Nationstar Mortgage sent Safeguard Properties into my home to seize my home of 15 years claiming I had abandoned my home and had stop paying my mortgage. When Safeguard Mortgage broke into my home they stole everything of value and tore up all of family picture. And despite Nationstar being told that I was away under a doctors care for a concussion, brain injury, spine, and spinal cord injury, and despite the bank being able to show my mortgage was being paid, and not in foreclosure, I was locked out of my home, and my belongings were taken without any court orders just like hundreds of other homeowners across the country have had their things taken by Safeguard Properties. But despite being locked out of my home and having all of my things stolen, I continued to pay my mortgage so the courts could not say I had lost my rights to my home for non payment. But the law is tricky and you must do everything you can to protect your home and yourself. And, I have tried everything I can to resolve my problem without going to court but sometimes you must fight. I know I am not the only one that has had their things and home stolen. Homeowners in Illinois, Tennessee, in almost every state in the United States have had their homes broken into and their things stolen by Safeguard Properties. And where some have been able to get lawyer, many have not had the money to fight back or they have not been able to get lawyers who would help these homeowners fight back. I know fighting Millionaires is hard and fighting Billionaries impossible. But I want to fight. I do not believe in impossibles. I know I will not get all my personal belongings back. But I believe everyone is entitled to try for justice and no matter who a person is these giants should not be allowed to continue to run over people who they think can not protect themselves. Court decisions in my favor will not just help me. These decisions will help others win their cases and protect their homes. I do not have the money for legal fees like the companies below: Home Depot, USA, INC., NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE, LLC., Safeguard (a/k/a Safeguard Properties, LLC.,) Allstate Insurance Company, Inc., and Allstate Corporation. But I do not need their budgets. A dollar, $5, $20.00, $50.00, $100.00, any amount will help me fight for justice, lay the ground work for others, and help me get my home back and medical expenses paid. Please help me. Thank you for your donation, prays, and well wishes. Roz


Organized by

Rosalyn Caffey

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