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RR Productions

Organized by: Russell Rope

Russell's Photo

EVENT DATE Nov 25, 2015


Help fight the abuse of power, sabotaging of work, violating of civil rights, and attempt to illegally control a free spirited original genius. True story, documented with logs of clear and convincing evidence, and in the process of filing in federal court.  This is a freedom fundraiser. Follow & Subscribe @RussellRope .com/blog

The Business/Product:

+ RR Productions ( Launched 1995
         + RRP Media Services & Produces WC++
         + Established & Evolving Since Inception

+ Weed Connection LLC ( - Launched 2006
         + Source for Cannabis Related Infotainment
         + Developed & Established, To Be Redeveloped

+ New Mainstream Media Co. ( - Launch Delayed
         + Infotainment: Progressive & Innovative Media
         + Fully Functional Prototype To Be Redesigned++


Two Year Production Plan:

+ Resolution For Legal Trill OG
+ Redevelopment & ReDesign of Web
+ ReDesign & Development of Apps
+ Launch of Domain Name In Dispute
+ Acquire More Funding & Hire Staff
+ Evolution of Video, Movie/Docu. Prod.
+ Publish More Books
+ Launch & Production of Unreleased


Reasons To Fund RRP:

+ Fresh, Growing, & Thriving Industry
+ Original, Innovative, Progressive, Pioneer
+ Technical, Creative & Experience > $ & Lack of Full HD
+ Not Funding The Solution = Drug War Problem
+ Fund The OG = Free The OG = Free The Weed



+ Email Receipt from Donation to
        + Sticker      $100
        + Apparel     $200
        + Calendar   $300
        + DVD          $400
        + Book         $500
        + Event        $600-1000+
+ Please add $5-10 for shipping (this site does not have option)
+ Each Tier Includes Perks From Lower Funding Tier
+ $100 Donation = All Perks If Short Term Equity Goal Is Met
+ Consideration for Legal Trill OG Forgiveness
+ Funds raised through crowd fund platform count towards equity requirements until crowd fund goal is reached.
+ Pledges of $1,000+ raised through crowd fund platform can count for approved advertising until crowd fund goal is reached.
+ Please include add a few dollars for sh
+ This is a freedom fundraiser.  Perks also sold individually.


Fundraising Amount Justification:

+ Minimum Fundraising Goal = $143,000
+ Crowd Funding Campaign Split Between Sites & Ventures Total $168,000 before getting taxed 3-8% by sites.
+ Russell Rope has a $10,000,000,000 intellectual property claim. (Legal Trill OG)
+ Russell is and has been all in and money is necessary for survival above all.
+ Owner has invested a lifetime of hard work and equivalent of $800,000-$1,000,000+ (time/money)
+ Pre-sabotage cash flow exceeded fundraising amount and is expected to grow.
+ Best Job Offer Out Of College Nearly 10 Years Ago Was $75,000/yr. + Bonus = $150,000-$160,000 2/yr.
+ Professional Experience & Education Level Went Up Times A Billion
+ Proven Track Record of Financial Responsibility, Reliability & Experience


Equity Capital Fundraising Profiles:

+ RR Productions @Gust
+ RR Productions @AngelList


Additional Ways To Support:

Official Social Web Links
FundraiserBlog, &/or WC

Link Up!:
+ Use One of RR Images & Link It
+ Banners Coming Soon

+ Got Good Publicity?
Connect @RussellRope

Use RRP Media & Marketing Services
Advertise @WeedConnection

Work @ RR Productions
Work @WeedConnection


More Information:

+ Minimum Fundraising Spending Plan Proposal 
+ Equity Capital Proposal @ RR Productions
+ Business Plan & Presentation Per Serious Request
Business Media Kits @ RRP++
+ Legal Trill OG: LA-CV14-04900++
About/Resume/Portfolio/Links @RussellRope


Fund RRP!

Zero To 100 Trill OG 

Written @RussellRope  = The Real Deal

(c) Copyright * Infinity


Organized by

Russell Rope

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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