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Ruby's Place, Inc.

Emergency shelter and services provider for those impacted by domestic violence, human trafficking or homelessness.

www.rubysplace.org Tax ID 94-2212241


The mission of Ruby's Place is to provide emergency shelter, prevention and supportive services to the community and people impacted by domestic violence, human trafficking.

Ruby’s Place has been providing emergency shelter and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and their children throughout Alameda County since 1972 as the first official shelter in Alameda County. Ruby’s Place offers a no-fee 42-bed emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis line, case management, therapy, children’s program, and supportive transitional housing. We serve over 360 low income individuals per year in the shelter, and additionally over 3,000 through the crisis line and Community Outreach Program

In October 2013 the agency officially changed its name from Emergency Shelter Program to Ruby's Place, Inc. to best reflect the true array of services we provide. Reaching far beyond the original emergency services when founded in 1972, we embrace our vision of "Safe and stable families, one person at a time."

The services Ruby's Place provides include:

24-hour crisis line
24-hour emergency shelter and response team: average stay between 90-180 days
Case Management: housing assistance, education assistance, job search assistance, legal support and advocacy, health advocacy and crisis counseling
On Site Intensive Therapy: individual, family, and group
Life Skills Education: financial management, resume building, budgeting, etc.
Parenting Classes and Support: Individualized case plans and counseling for all parents
Food Pantry and Clothing Closet: stocked weekly with all necessary items
Outreach: no fee therapy and case management for any community members impacted by domestic violence, human trafficking or homelessness

All of our services are at NO COST to our clients.

Ruby's Place is a place where women and children come when they have no other place to go, sometimes after being released from the hospital, or after being rescued by the police or FBI. Our shelter is just like your home; with a kitchen, living room and bedrooms, except there are 42 people living in the house at once. The women and children who come through our doors are traumatized, physically exhausted and, more often than not, feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually broken. They have lived a life much like those seen on Criminal Minds or a Lifetime movie. Somehow, often by their own will or the support of another, they have landed in our care. Our job is to help them heal, with compassion, education, support and advocacy. We do this by providing shelter, basic necessities, therapy, crisis management, and intensive case management.