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My Brother's Fund

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Hello my name is Khoirunisa, I start this fundraiser to help out my brother. My brother living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

When I was 16 years old my parents divorced, my dad forbid us to meet our mom. I chosed to be with my mom so my dad disowned me, but now I am married and have family of my own. My brother went to Dubai to work and he sent my dad $1500 every month. He is very devoted to his parent. My dad used it to fixed his house, when my brother came back to Indonesia he got married, he used his last saving to built a house on the second story of my Dad's home. It was stupid thing to do, as soon as my Dad found out that my brother, Rully met my mom behind his back he kicked him out. Long story short, now my big brother doesn't even have his high school diploma to apply for job.

I know many of you think why don't my brther sue my dad?. Because it's different in Indonesia, the culture..he didn't even have a contract about the house. He couldn't afford attorney.

I thought I start this fundraiser to give it a shot, and yes I worked so hard to help him out.. my heart hurts for him, to see him so desperate everyday and I want to help him the best I could!. I start this fundraiser to helping him to get a new job so he could support himself and his family. I want him to get his high school diploma and get transportation so he could work. It's expensive to apply a new one. I know there are people that is more unfortunate than Rully, that's what I have been telling him so he will never forget to be thankful to God. I am his sister, its my job to help him out.

I am nervous to start this fundraising, if we ever get any donations I will make sure to give 2.5% to another charity because in my religion ( Islam) no matter how small money you have, you have to donate it to the people that less fortunate.

Thank you so much for your donations, it means the world for us.

If there is anything you want to know please let me know!.



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Roo is working on selecting a charity so you can support My Brother's Fund.