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Friendship Circle International's Fundraiser:

Team Friendship Chicago Marathon 2011

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Today, at least 1 in 12 children has some form of special needs. It may be cerebral palsy or autism. It may be learning disabilities or ADHD.

The common thread between most disabilities is the fact that they make children seem different to their peers. It may be a wheelchair, the inability for a child to verbalize his thoughts, or simply struggling to read or write that can cause a chasm between a child and the rest of the children at school, at summer camp or at the local youth group.

Even more painful than the stares, the impatience and the difficulties in communicating is the phone that doesn’t ring, the empty afternoons longing for companionship, a playmate or just someone to talk to

Team Friendship is running to raise awareness and money for Friendship Circle, which is an international organization that pairs teenager volunteers and children with special needs to help the children cultivate friendships.

Our vision is to bridge the gap between families of children with special needs and the rest of the community while providing today’s teens with a productive and enjoyable focus.
This in turn causes the teens to lead their community in advocating for people with special needs.

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