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Run Across Haiti- Kevin

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EVENT: 2016 Run Across Haiti

Linsay Carlson Vladimirov


Kevin DeGroot wrote -

When I started running more seriously in around 2009 I was on a 6 mile run with my brother-in-law (his furthest ever run to date) and asked the question, "Do you want to run a marathon next year?" There wasn't even a delay in his response of, "yes!" Thousands of miles of training, seven marathons and a 50k later and now I was in the position that my brother-in-law was in- out on a run with a friend when he asked, "Do you want to run across Haiti?" My immediate reaction was to say, "yes" but then I really started to think about it. Over 200 miles in a week in a humid climate seemed to be crazy but I was still interested and really wanted to find out more. Over the next several weeks I talked with a lot of my patients about this opportunity and finally one of them simply asked the question of, "Why wouldn't you?" The memories of my conversation with my brother-in-law on our first 6 mile run together came back and I began to realize that the only reason I wouldn't have done this was fear and at that point I knew I was going to begin training to participate in this run.

It is interesting to me the ways that God has called me to use my gifts and passions in my life to help others. When I was in high school I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil on a soccer missions trip, when I was in physical therapy school I had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia to work in a hospital, and once I graduated PT school I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya to help teach at a clinic. People often look for elaborate ways to use their gifts to help others but I've found that just being available and saying "yes" even when you're scared is a good start and that is what I'm trying to do here.

Why Team Tassy? There's a difference between simply giving money to something and joining alongside a group of people and working for development. Team Tassy does the later. The mission of Run Across Haiti is this- “RUN ACROSS HAITI” RUNNERS SPAN 230 MILES IN NINE DAYS TO RAISE MONEY TO ELIMINATE POVERTY THROUGH GOOD, DIGNIFIED JOBS. It is not simply providing funds to a developing nation or group that helps to eliminate poverty but it is through the creation of sustainable, quality skills and jobs that people are given true dignity. As a physical therapist I care about developing and improving healthcare in the United States but I've also been a part of several different opportunities and organizations that seek to promote and advance healthcare in developing countries and Team Tassy seeks to do the same.


What can you help with?

Donate: as simple as it sounds. Sponsor a day (dollar per mile), sponsor the week (dollar per mile), choose a random amount. Whatever you decide is greatly appreciated.

Share the story: Spread the word to your friends about this organization and what we're trying to accomplish.

Look for your opportunity to say, "yes" to helping others Thank you all in advance! I can't say how grateful I am to have friends and family that support me in crazy endeavors like this.

Pray for: safety, health, opportunities to talk to others, etc.






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