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I was a top runner at Southern Virginia University and will be running across Utah, from Logan to St. George to raise awareness against bullying at universities and everywhere. I am a student and it is getting cold, so I
will be starting my run on May 1st 2013 in Logan and running along
Highway 89 all the way to St. George.

I decided to do this because I was bullied at Southern Virginia
University and I was devastated by what happened. A girl there made a
"hate Jason Fullmer club" at the school and there were reports to the
Dean of Students (Dean Brian Pendleton) that that girl and her brother
were being cripplingly mean to me and there was a group of students
doing that to me. SVU's administration did not care and the Dean of
Students said to me, "I didn't think it matter." I thought, "Are you
kidding me?" That didn't matter. SVU has a LDS honor code which
includes respect for others and people were having a hate Jason
Fullmer club and he didn't think it was important.

They kicked me out 1 month before my graduation, not allowing me to
attend my graduation saying that they did it for me to get anyway from
what I was reporting. I graduated from SVU in 2010.

I was so devistated by all this. I went into a deep depression and SVU
does not answer to any of my emails about the subject.

I do not want this to happen to anybody else at SVU or anywhere. And
that is why I am doing this run.

I also plan to do the run to raise funds to make a start at starting a
private university that values respect and kindness to everyone, which
I want to start when I am in my 40's. I am currently 25, a UVU student
and starting at the University of Utah in the Spring 2013 semester.

I will be putting up a website and a facebook page for my cause.


Jason Fullmer



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