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Running for the Curley Playground

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EVENT: Boston Marathon 2014

Dan Barcan


Max and Abe go to a very nice little school right here in Boston USA. About 70% of the kids get free lunch and the school relies heavily on fundraisers to do luxurious stuff like music and art. Also, the back courtyard looks like war-torn Bosnia. The blacktop is such a mess that the kids actually aren't allowed to play on it. Go figure. Anyway, us parents are trying to raise the dough to fix this courtyard up. Northeastern U has generously donated landscape design services, but we're raising ~150K for the actual construction. I know, I know, you're all, "Whoa, that problem seems so complicated. How could *I* help?"

Well, one thing you could do is help me pay off the 5k I put up to get this here charity Boston Marathon number. How about $25? For $25, I will mail you gum in fun flavors 3 times. If you kick in $67, I'll make you pancakes. ($73 for chocolate chip) Any weekend morning you choose. For $100, I'll pin whatever you want to my running shirt, so you can tell people you ran the marathon, too. For $250, I will write your spouse either a limerick or a villanelle for his/her birthday and pretend you wrote it. And for $500, you pick the mile marker and I will smooch a spectator at that very mile marker and pose for a photo. Maybe with a black eye. It's for the kids. If you live near me, I'll shovel your snow all winter, too.

For more on the Curley playground, look here: http://playingfield.curleyk8.com/

Also, that picture is me and my grandad, who would not have thought was a very good idea but probably would have cheered for me nonetheless and maybe donated five 1975 dollars. Sadly I had to crop out my dad standing over us with a giant Jewfro, stylish in that era, of course. Nothing personal on the cropping, Dad. 




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Dan is working on selecting a charity so you can support Running for the Curley Playground.