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Bill Groel's Fundraiser:

Support ALD Awareness & Research

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EVENT DATE: Jul 26, 2015

Bill Groel


Hi. Thank you for viewing my fundraising page for Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).  Originally, this was developed in support of my first marathon, which I ran to help raise awareness of ALD and to help fund research for this life threatening disorder that affects two of our three sons.

Since then this page has remained active due to the support of friends and family who also want to raise awareness and funds through their own efforts.  Coming up in July, our good friend Kelly Yanek will be participating her first IRONMAN competition in Lake Placid, NY in support of ALD awareness.  If you are able, please support Kelly’s efforts and donate by selecting her name below and hitting the donate button.  Thank you Kelly for being part of the team!

ALD is a rare disorder that affects about 1 in 17,000 boys. Presently there is no cure, but research continues in the use of "Lorenzo's Oil" as a preventative therapy, bone marrow transplants, and gene therapy. There is also an effort to try and get ALD included in the newborn screening panel.

In basic terms, boys with ALD lack the ability to break down very long chain fats. In order to deal with the accumulation of fats, their bodies begin to store them in the adrenal cortex and myelin, which is the protective coating over the brain. This can lead to a progression of neurological issues and death usually within five years from the onset of symptoms.

The Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) is one of the organizations that supports ALD research and has been providing support and care for my family and many others impacted by ALD.

Thank you again for visiting the fundraising page and for your donation.



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Donor Comments

Kay O'Keefe

Kay O'Keefe

In memory of Robby Backenson and Richard O'Keefe 3 years ago

Bill and Kate Groel

Bill and Kate Groel

Good Luck and Thank You! 3 years ago

Kim & Liana

Kim & Liana

3 years ago

Margie & Ed McFadden

Margie & Ed McFadden

Best of luck, Kelly! We'll be 'stalking', I mean following you on race day and sending lots of positive energy your way! 3 years ago

Heather Fraunberger

Heather Fraunberger

woohoo!! Go Kelly!!! Yaaaaay! 3 years ago



Good luck!!!! 3 years ago



3 years ago

The Schwartz Family

The Schwartz Family

Good Luck Kelly! I'll be cheering you on from NJ. Totally impressed by you!!! 3 years ago

Lori Wells

Lori Wells

So in awe of you for both doing the ironman and for raising awareness and money for ALD. Working in genetics and personally having a child with special needs I realize that individual efforts like yours are so important . You are awesome! 3 years ago