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Run For Healing



6% Raised of $5,000 Goal

Run For Healing Photo
Run For Healing Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: May 28, 2011

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 11, 2011







“Building Common Ground With Common Sense”


Youth violence in New Mexico is an epidemic at an all time high. This includes inter-youth violence in the forms of bullying, dating violence, gang activity, domestic abuse, homicide and suicide. Self-inflicted violence in the form of suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds in New Mexico.


Even more disturbing than the increase in violence among youth is the institutional cycle which fuels its perpetration. The majority of young people incarcerated have been convicted of non-violent offenses. By becoming criminalized, youth are perceived as unworthy of a second chance, and many of these non-violent offenders go on to commit violent crimes and ultimately return to prison.


With the goal of curbing the tide of violence in New Mexico, and after experiencing success working with vulnerable young people including Los Angeles gang members, Michael Brown founded COMMONSENSEnm, a grassroots movement that strives to raise awareness of the true impact of youth violence and explain the importance of community participation in eliminating the cycles which perpetuate this violence. In an effort to reach communities throughout New Mexico, COMMONSENSEnm is joining forces with nonprofits and civic partners  to “pump up the volume” related to violence while developing a deeper understanding of its precursors.


On May 28th, community people of all ages will join Mike on a Run for Healing – a 267 mile run/walk from Albuquerque to the Mexican border at Santa Teresa, NM (it is important that we understand the interrelationship that exists between our international families and neighbors). In addition to expanding a dialogue about youth violence and bringing people together, the Run for Healing will raise funds for the implementation of two important community-based initiatives. The first is a youth-led violence prevention roundtable which will include adults working in partnership to better understand the factors leading to violence within their communities/schools while being solution oriented. The second initiative will provide small grants to communities to develop violence prevention initiatives/programs. Bringing teens and adults together in a respectful partnership is vital to creating safer communities for all.


Please support us in our efforts against violence as we Run For Healing, run for hope, and run for the future of our youth!

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