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This is about a woman whom I am very close to and that many are close to and care a great deal about. Heidi is a woman of great substance and character; she is ever-giving of herself, as selfless as they come. She is going to turn 40 on July 10 and is an amazing wife to Todd (9 years) and the mother of 3 children, Sam 6, Sophie 4, Sadie 2 (who has Down Syndrome) and is pregnant with Sarah (due in September). She has been living with Crohn’s disease since 1994 and also has Ankylosing Spondylitis (Arthritis), and Osteopenia. With this big full life and health issues the universe thinks she is strong enough to handle Breast Cancer and Gestational Diabetes to boot. For those of you that do not know Heidi, here is a paraphrased version of how Heidi communicates what is going on with her. She exudes such Strength, Peace, Dignity, Class and Grace.

The week of May 29th I was diagnosed with stage 1-2 breast cancer. Although the tumor is very aggressive and fast growing it is also VERY treatable. I'll be starting chemo next week 6/16. I am going to take a break from chemo a few weeks before my baby is due and then start up chemo again right after she's born. I will then get a mastectomy. Although this is probably the hardest thing I've walked through, I'm feeling very supported and loved. Please keep me, bebe and family in your prayers and thoughts. My gratitude goes so deep to my family, friends, fellowship and community. I'm doing ok...just hoping I don't become a grouchy patient. ;)

All of this information I shared is for a good reason. I am humbly asking for donations to help this family out as they will be incurring expenses that they never planned on. We are all inundated with requests to donate to this cause and donate to that cause, run/walk for this, run/walk for that, help this country, help these poor kids all of which are great causes, but this one is right here in our back yard, very close to home.

You have my commitment that 100% of your donations will go straight to Heidi and her family. I am putting all my heart, love, effort, training and intention toward this Half Marathon and dedicating it to Heidi in her fight and journey. I am signed up to run the San Francisco Half Marathon (2nd half) on July 31st and will be asking for donations from now and up to July 31st. Last thing, she is going to be losing her hair (and if you know her, that is one of the things she is most “upset” about J) That being said I may just shave my head for the race (and yes, I love my hair too J), so if nothing else, donate just so you can see me with a Bald Head!!

While financial contributions are more than welcomed, positive thoughts, prayers are encouraged and appreciated. Please donate what you can.



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