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Michael Halter's Fundraiser:

Running 100 miles for Jorge!

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EVENT DATE: Sep 19, 2014

Michael Halter


Hello everyone, if you are reading this thank you for your time.
My friend Jorge and I are raising money to build him a custom wheelchair.

Jorge is disabled and has been since birth and has limited ability with his arms and legs. He has to spend painstaking time just to do everyday tasks, like shaving and getting dressed. He cannot walk or stand, and has to get around on his knees when not using his wheelchair. Although all the odds are against him, he never shows it. The man is truly extraordinary! 

When I look at myself and see how fortunate I am to have the abilities my friend wished he had, I am taken aback and motivated to do something extraordianry for him in return. 

When I asked him one day, "What would make your life easier?" He responded quickly with "a new wheelchair!"

At that moment, we decided that we would do whatever it takes to raise the money needed.

As Jorge is a perfect example of the extraordinary power of the human spirit, I also want to carry on in that example and accomplish something incredible. 

To that end, I have decided that I will run a 100 mile ultramarathon to raise awareness and money necessary to accomplish Jorge's goal!

See event details here.

Even though everyday and every moment are a struggle for him, he continues to be an encouragement to those around him. It is with that spirit that we move forward with this fundraiser! 
Please help us raise $6,500 to make Jorge's dream a reality!

Message from Jorge to our supporters:
First, I am privileged beyond compare when it comes to the many resources that are made available to me in this great U.S of A. However, even with all the different resources, I want to tell you about one in particular that although it is a tremendous help to me, it needs some major improvements to its design-the power wheelchair. This amazing machine has given me the freedom that without it would make daily life very difficult for me and many others like me.

The problem with this machine is that if we take a much closer look at how it is built, we see that the battery life is pathetic, the speed; a total joke, tires; have you ever been pushed on a shopping cart, well imagine that feeling only it never changes and it doesn’t get more comfortable the more you do it. If you ever want to go somewhere that is a bit out of your normal travel zone, don’t bother. These chairs are built to keep you confined to a very limited travel radius and if you’re thinking why not have someone take you? From my experience, most people don’t have a pickup truck nor do they find lifting a 300lb wheelchair an easy feat.

This my friend is where I would like to humbly ask for your assistance. I want to build a power wheelchair that will help meet my needs the way that the chairs I use now DON’T. I am a pretty active person despite being disabled, but there are lots of things that I still can’t do. I’d like to go hiking, travel the wilderness, go to the beach and actually be able to go into the sand without worrying if once I hit the sand I find myself spinning my tires without going anywhere. I want to be able to ask someone for a ride without worrying that they could possibly break their back lifting my chair. I want to be able to cross the street without worrying that the light will change again before I make it across. If I happen to find myself in a situation that happens to be life threatening-someone decides to want to cause me bodily harm of any kind- I want to be able to get away fast enough that that person couldn’t get me. I know the chances are fairly slim that that would happen but as the old saying goes, it’s better safe than sorry. I want to go out on my own without wondering if my batteries are going to last. I want a wheelchair that won’t leave me with a bad back due to the rough ride after a full day of being in it (8-12 hours). Basically, I want a chair that isn’t a constant reminder of just how limited I am.




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Michael is working on selecting a charity so you can support Running 100 miles for Jorge!.