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Dear Friends and Family

I am running this year's NYC Marathon in support of a great, forward thinking, program called Wellness In The Schools (WITS). I am asking you to support them.

WITS' mission is to inspire healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools. They started in 2005 in NYC and now serve 30,000 children.

I love this program because it combines my love for cooking and eating with my sense as a doctor that there is a better way to implement preventative healtcare. 

Their premise is healthy bodies promote healthy minds. They embed culinary school graduates into school cafeterias to make delicous from-scratch food as well as teach children where food comes from and how to cook it. They have a coaching programs to promote exercise. With the fuss over common core and public vs charter schools, let's promote minds that are awake, clear and ready to go.

Healthcare prevention can be done the easy way or the hard way. The modern environment tends to promote poor nutrition, poor sleep and inactivity. The hard way to address this is to talk about an obesity epidemic and make people feel guilty about their bodies and habits. That is why I love WITS. They make wellness simple, fun and intuitive by serving  delicious real food in cafeterias, showing children how to cook and where foods come from and putting coaches in the playgrounds. To change habits, start earlier in life, act more than talk, and make the action its own reward. Doctor means teacher preventative health should be a positive lesson that leads to self-sustaining habits.

I got in the marathon by lottery. I am supporting WITS because they are a great cause. You can look on their website for more information.
You can also directly donate to them on the website. ANY donation will be appreciated and used well.

$25 dollars gets a month of olive oil for a school, $200 for a year

$250 gets coach for kids equipment for a school

Thank you for supporting them,





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