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Help women in early recovery from alcohol and drug addiction get back on their feet ... one step at a time. Alcoholism and drug addiction continue to increase in the general female population of the United States and the need for quality affordable women’s recovery homes is startling. Donate or join us for JUST FOR TODAY! 5K on October 12, 2014 to support Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery home, the only all-female (non-religious) recovery residence for working women in the Bay Area since 1962. Tax ID 46-0913150


More women are drinking to deal with stress; more young professional females are drinking more after work and mothers with small children are drinking more frequently at home. 

JFT!5K is a fundraiser of Run Just For Today, a California registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. RJFT utilizes walking/running events and programming:

- To support and build affordable recovery homes that prepare women in early sobriety to rejoin the workforce
- To promote fitness as a healthy outlet and a tool for managing long-term abstinence
- To educate family, friends and communities about the challenges and realities of leading a clean, sober and healthy life. 


Residents of Stepping Stone are required to spend at least 32 hours per week in work, volunteer or educational activities. Stepping Stone raises funds to minimize fees to about one third of the actual cost of housing, three meals a day, and classes such as Relapse Prevention and Anger Management.


The Betty Ford Center reports that only 14% of women who need treatment get it and 6.9 million women need but are not receiving treatment. For working women in the early stages of sobriety in the Bay Area, there are as few as 40 beds serving approximately 2,000 women annually.


Addiction is a family disease. If mothers, sisters, young professionals, and overall, the family, can regain their self-worth; rejoin their families and society, perhaps we can help impede the cycle of addiction.


Help us spread the positive message that prevention from alcohol and drug addiction works, treatment is effective and with help and commitment, women can live a healthy and productive life of sobriety.


Longterm goals for RJFT: a) community outreach to high schools; b) 5 races in 5 cities to support and/or build affordable recovery homes with the same model as Stepping Stone; c) training programs for R4R! 5K. 


Donate today and/or register for JUST FOR TODAY! 5K and help us reach our goal of $60K for Stepping Stone and for the programming and events of RJFT. 


Thank you for your interest, time and support. 
Run Just For Today